ARMYs Are Outraged Because There Are Many Comments About V's Dating In SUGA's Live Broadcast

Global media and fans seem to be turning their attention to BTS and BLACKPINK these days. Well, of course, they have a lot of activities and are also the most influential idols right now. But of course, it is also worth noting that the dating news of V and Jennie in ̾f̾r̾a̾n̾c̾e ̾ was just spread many hours ago.

However, in no case should that news be the center of attention and discussion. In particular, recently, ARMYs were very upset when some toxic individuals appeared in SUGA's Weverse Live and asked questions around V's dating.

Many people think that SUGA is most likely aware of the situation at hand, so comments like this during his normal live broadcast are very odd and unethical. This is not the first time SUGA or BTS members have encountered such subtle comments in their livestream:

In the past hours, there have been many events and news surrounding the BTS members. Typically, SUGA held the next concert in Oakland in his SUGA Agust D D-Day Tour concert series around the world.

Today (local time), SUGA wrapped up his next concert in a major US city and is about to leave the country to begin his Asia tour. As with stops in other cities, SUGA sat down with ARMYs during his dinner and shared many interesting stories related to the show as well as himself.

At the beginning of the broadcast, SUGA mentioned his vibes when standing in front of his fans and receiving their loud cheers. He mentioned: "I trust you all. The huge cheers and watching you dance in the hall, this gives a singer strength. Of course, we shouldn't get in the way of others around us, but the loudest cheers you can give, there's nothing like that for a singer. If I had more time, I would've like to go to more cities. But I wasn't able to, so it's regrettable."

Meanwhile, SUGA also shared that he wanted to have more concerts so he could enjoy more time with ARMYs, but his time wasn't enough. He said: "There were only supposed to be 2 shows in Asia, but I asked them to add 1 more so now there's 3. Really, going from stadiums to arenas, being able to see the audience closer up, it made me feel proud to see you really enjoy yourselves...

...I wanted to do the tour in more cities before I left, but that wasn't possible, so it was regrettable. I did 11 here. Before, when we planned a tour, I think we would do 40-50. It's regrettable, but we have a schedule and I have to work with it".

Although SUGA is sharing his thoughts about the concert and chatting with ARMYs in a cute way, fans can't help but notice a few very odd comments mixed in the comments section of Weverse Live. Some other fans or even non-fans asked SUGA if he knew about V and Jennie's dating, even asked questions like wanting SUGA to reveal the truth about dating or express his thoughts about this rumor. 

ARMYs understand that these comments are alluding to breaking news in the last few hours when V and Jennie were reportedly spotted holding hands along the banks of the Seine in Paris. When the new dating video was revealed, fans αѕѕumed that this was just a picture of a certain couple or people impersonating them.

Later, however, sharper images of V and Jennie, with matching outfits and accessories, proved the famous couple were indeed dating. The images of the managers accompanying the two in the video also completely match, leading many to believe that the images are true.

Earlier, Jennie confirmed to ̾f̾r̾a̾n̾c̾e ̾ to participate in the Cannes Film Festival. Meanwhile, V follows a schedule managed by CELINE as its global ambαѕѕador. After the rumor spread rapidly, neither Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ Music, YG Entertainment, nor Jennie spoke about the situation or had any reactions. That's why the overzealous fans crave the answer so much.

But the problem is, SUGA's live broadcast is not an answer or explanation for V and Jennie's rumors. It's not even a place to discuss an issue that's not directly related to him and even, SUGA opened it just to interact with fans after his concert. Therefore, comments like the above are considered rude and disrespectful to the artist.

ARMYs are expressing their frustration at such actions of some toxic fans:

- These comments ?? Please don't do this... 

- Those type of comments were deleted so fast I couldn't even report. Weverse I see you. Now keep it up.

- I noticed that one and didn't waste a second to report

- I knew this was going to happen

- This person might need more sunlight and fertilizer to grow, no?

- I reported a comment saying “can I ki!! Myself?”

- It just can't be

- Sigh... what is this fandom becoming

- and a membership holder??? wtf??!!

- Real bts army never put bad comments

This isn't the first time Suga or the BTS members have faced outlandish comments on their live broadcasts. Earlier, during a SUGA live broadcast, he once bluntly responded in ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾an to a disrespectful comment asking him to speak English. He replied boldly in ḳöŕệän: "I don’t want to. I will speak in ḳöŕệän".

Before SUGA, RM, V and Jungkook also received similar comments when asked to speak English during the broadcast instead of ḳöŕệän.

Even RM faced many rude comments while V faced weird and rude comments. Among them, V and RM have repeatedly responded with the same attitude as SUGA.


RM has stated that he will turn off comments if fans continue to comment on these in his future live broadcast. He said that: "Many people are writing strange things in the chat". RM even felt so disappointed when he read this that he made a brief comment that: “You guys changed…”. Not stopping there, RM also explained to ARMYs later that: “Ah, I think it’ll be better if I don’t look at the comments". 

While, V expressed: "There is a person I remembered your ID. You asked me to wish you happy birthday in the previous live broadcast and today, you also commented the same thing. It is so bored and weird!"

In response to these comments, V reminded fans that it's been 10 years since BTS' debut and they've grown a lot. So such old-fashioned and inanimate comments are no longer relevant. He asked fans to make more interesting and proper comments in the next live broadcasts.

V concluded: "Everyone, you're too obvious. It's been 10 years since we've debut but it hasn't changed. I think the questions could be upgraded. I'll be turning off the live soon. Next time I come, please ask me fun questions and that day I will dadadadada (sound effects that mean he'll read them all)".