V Chooses The Fight With BTS Member As The One He Misses The Most At SimInvest Event

A few hours ago, V appeared at SimInvest's event as a new brand ambαssador. He had a meeting, met his fans as well as shared some interesting stories on the occasion of BTS' 10th anniversary.

In it, when receiving a direct question about his relationship with BTS members, V suddenly revealed an interesting memory that made many people curious. It was a battle between him and the BTS members, maybe, it wasn't a "real" fιgнт but it also caught the attention of ARMYs when V said it was a memorable one for him.

Below is V's answer during a recent fan meeting:

V has returned to kσrєα after 10 days in s̾p̾a̾i̾n ̾ for his closed schedule. After returning to kσrєα, he quickly went about his busy work again.

Most recently, on the afternoon of June 11 (KST), V was present at SJ Kunsthalle, Gangnam-gu, Seoul to attend an event organized by the Indonesian company Sinar Mas, which owns SimInvest. In January of this year, SimInvest announced that V became one of its brand ambαssadors with the aim of becoming a global financial investment brand thanks to his influence.

The announcement was made via social media alongside the release of a new one-minute commercial featuring the iconic K-pop superstar. Ferita Lie, Chairman of the Commissioner of Sinar Mas praised V that the artist's “passion, talent, creativity, & energetic personality” make him a perfect fit for the brand. She added that V's “own activities, Instagram records, career path as well as hard work” are nothing short of amazing.

Meanwhile, fans are also promised an idol meeting this June. As promised, ARMYs were super excited when V appeared at SimInvest's event today. He wore a luxurious suit and his brand-new silver-dyed hair made all the fans fall.

Although it was a small meeting of fans, the conversation with V left many special moments. As the 10 years since BTS's establishment are approaching, some fans have asked some questions so that V can share more of the bond between the group members.

In it, a fan asked V what is the memory he misses the most with the members. Specifically, the question is: "The BTS members are best friends, right? What is a time you remember most clearly?"

After that, V took some time to give his answer and seemed rather hesitant to talk about it. He chose a "fry" as a moment that he can't forget among the members.

V said shyly: "Ah, that was a moment when we fought so... haha."

But then, V decided to keep this secret war to himself and the members instead of exposing it in front of fans. He thinks that at a time when BTS is celebrating their 10th anniversary, he wants to talk about great memories other than that "funny" battle.

V reveals his love to the members instead: "We have a group chat...I'll tell a good story rather than a funny story. I really miss the members".

This also reαssured ARMYs as fortunately, it wasn't a tense or vi0lent fιgнт. It seems that the boys were a bit conflicted and in the end, looking back, they find the reason for the fιgнт to be silly and funny:

- "I really miss the members" oh i'm definitely nt crying

- There’s so many fιgнтing stories and we were so close to getting this one. wish we could have story time with Bangtan 

- give him back his best friends NOW

- Just like with our siblings, we used to fιgнт, but we also miss them

- Yes give us some tea from group chat, please

- I miss them all too,pls I’m praying that 2025 will be tom. I want to see them on their comeback concert,it needs a triple arena for their comeback debut.

- Another fιgнт for the books

- Someone please ask him about dumpling incident in detail

- Hits harder during FESTA….

- the family that I love

- group chat tea??? uuuuu tell me more taehyung

But this also makes fans curious as to what kind of battle it is between him and the members. Over the years, fans have repeatedly heard the members reveal the comical battles between the boys when they first lived in the same dorm.

From Jungkook and j-hope's banana battle, RM and SUGA's feather pillows to V and Jimin's dumpling battle or Jungkook and Jimin's K-Drama fιgнт under the rain,... All of which made the members and fans laugh when recalling them. But those are also beautiful memories, moments that make BTS what it is today.