Jungkook's Bodyguard Impresses When Protecting Him And Even His Fan In Unexpected Dangerous Situations

For K-pop fans, one of the people who are very familiar to them besides the artists is the idol's bodyguards. They always follow, accompany and protect the idols from the dαngєrs of crowds of fans in public places.

Even over the years, there are many bodyguards who receive the love and admiration of the fans when they protect the idols well. Not only that, these bodyguards also help fans in needy situations.

Recently, when Jungkook appeared at Incheon Airport and was surrounded by a huge crowd, one of his bodyguards caught the attention of being able to do a good job of protecting Jungkook while also helping a fan. in a dαngєrous situation. The video quickly went viral on social media of this timely reaction by Jungkook's crew and other fans raving about it:

A few hours ago, Jungkook returned to кσяєα after his more than 8 days overseas trip. Reportedly, this is Jungkook's closed schedule while many speculate that he is preparing for his solo album.

As the top artist of Kpop, when Jungkook was at the airport, crowds of fans and reporters were already waiting for him. Jungkook was very surprised and happy when he received a warm welcome from the fans.

Even after a long, exhausting flight, he still had a big smile on his face and waved to his fans before leaving. Jungkook looked impressive in a wнιтe sporty outfit with a hat and Balenciaga shoes.

When Jungkook started moving to his car to return home, the huge crowd of fans and reporters chased after him. This is also the most dαngєrous time and fortunately, Jungkook's bodyguards are also numerous to cover him.

In the protection of the bodyguards, Jungkook was able to move freely but the crowd of fans kept chasing, jostling and pushing, causing quite a chaotic situation. This is not a rare situation for K-pop artists because of the enthusiasm from fans, although it has been repeatedly warned to be restrained so as not to cause major trauma situations.

Right while Jungkook was moving to the car, a female fan was careless and fell right in front of him due to the jostling of the crowd. But fortunately, Jungkook's bodyguard acted in time to help this female fan up immediately and Jungkook also moved a beat slow. The fans around also helped to help her up or else she would be drowned in the huge crowd.

The quick action of Jungkook's bodyguard immediately caught the attention of netizens and he received many compliments for his professionalism. This bodyguard not only did a good job of ensuring Jungkook's safety, but also promptly helped his fans to avoid any casualties:

- Thank god for bodyguards,it actually looks scary so much of crowd running around. Not only it's dαngєrous for Jungkook, but can also result in ȟɥȑțing the fans. I hope they can walk in/out of airport wo anyone crowding them like this

- waaah very chaotic.. gosh his bodyguards are working so hard.. I'm glad

- like how is this a sane behaviour, bodyguards are literally fíghting with them to keep the away....its so unsafe for both jk and them

- Jungkook is so loved and protected.. look at all the bodyguards who are keeping him protected and safe there! They protecting the biggest кσяєαn treasure

- The bodyguard is working so well, he even help an army while protecting jungkook

- #Jungkook even in the chaos wants to help, meanwhile Mr bodyguard gets her up & puts her back in place that’s close enough sweetheart 

- Jungkook needs at least 50 bodyguards when he’s out what was happend today was not okay.. seriously that was scary pls give him some space I beg you

- I'm really glad that he has protective bodyguards

- His reaction is so quick and he immediately pull her up among the crowd