Jungkook Confesses About The Reason He Is Afraid Of Love

For today's young Koreans, many will probably face a fear of love because of the pressures of money and living standard. But for Jungkook, that's not the biggest reason why it's hard for him to find his love.

Over the years, Jungkook rarely mentioned falling in love or starting a relationship with a girl. Even in a few live broadcasts with fans, Jungkook has revealed some reasons why he is afraid of falling in love.

Through those reasons, it is not difficult to see that perhaps at the moment, Jungkook is not ready to enter a romantic relationship:

Perhaps when talking about the reason why Jungkook is afraid of love, many people will immediately think of his career now. Being a K-pop idol, even a global superstar, gets Jungkook noticed by everyone and anything related to his private life will make a huge impact.

But this is not at all the biggest problem that makes Jungkook hesitant to move towards true love. Before being a famous idol, he himself was a guy with feelings like any other normal person. And of course, love between men and women is also one of them.

But it seems that compared to other boys, Jungkook is not easily swayed by that sentiment, at least for the time being. The reason for this has been openly shared by Jungkook through many interviews and talks with ARMYs. Not only that, but Jungkook also affirmed that he himself is enjoying a happy single life.

Firstly, Jungkook once said that his Virgo zodiac sign greatly influences his personality as well as his surrounding relationships. With the cautious and watchful personality, he only gets close to people he knows, most of which are men and industry friends.

It can be easily seen that, even though he is single, Jungkook is very shy to meet girls even though there are BTS members by his side. There are many videos that show him "running away" from female artists or hiding behind other members to avoid contact with people of the opposite s3x.

It's funny, he seems immature and closed to accept a love or simply a new relationship!

Next, Jungkook also revealed his weakness when it comes to love, which is not taking the initiative in love. Jungkook said that it's hard for him to be the one to start a conversation with a girl or do the first thing in a relationship. And that's exactly why he likes girls who take the initiative in a relationship.

He also confessed that he is not good at expressing emotions. In South Korea love works differently, since they are not usually so demonstrative in public, they are treated with honorifics and they share the famous clothes or accessories of a couple. However, he admitted that he does not consider himself a person who takes the first step.

Just looking at the first reason shows that it leads to this second consequence. He also added that he was afraid to be the first to say "I love you". But it's also this that makes Jungkook feel guilty if he loves someone because he's afraid they think he doesn't love them enough or the other person will feel hurt because of his lack of affection.

Therefore, if he doesn't fall in love, he won't have to start and he won't make anyone feel hurt either!

Next, a special point is that Jungkook identifies himself as a person who makes it very difficult for others to adapt. Specifically, during a live broadcast, Jungkook once reinforced this fact by answering an ARMY's question. When this ARMY commented below, “Jungkook, marry me”, Jungkook asked if she could stand him because he is someone that not everyone can tolerate easily.

Jungkook seriously but also humorously said: "Marrying me? but can you handle me? I'm not someone that's easy to handle". Perhaps, there are some unique habits and of course, the part of his personality that doesn't show his emotions easily that makes Jungkook see it as a limitation if he loves a girl right now.

Also, another important point that Jungkook mentioned is that he thinks it's not easy for Korean celebrities to have a relationship. He understands that if they have a girlfriend, an artist's career can be ruined.

Furthermore, a celebrity's life is complicated, and he understands that feeling while going through it. Therefore, he also wants to keep the identity of his girlfriend if he has one and wants to protect the privacy of both of them, but at the moment, it is not easy for him to do so when there are too many people paying attention.

It can be seen that Jungkook is concerned that he is not ready and lacks many things to make his girlfriend have a safe and happy love. Therefore, he is afraid of falling in love at the present time. But from this alone you can see what an ideal boyfriend Jungkook will be in the future!