Jimin Shows His Displeasure Because Fans Do This When He Just Lands At Paris Airport

The images of fans appearing densely at the airport to see them face to face, take photos or give gifts to idols is no longer a strange thing in Kpop. But for famous groups like BTS, this problem becomes even more serious when they often have to face the problem of stalking, being surrounded to the point of discomfort everywhere.

The recent incident with Jimin has once again left netizens frustrated as some fans were unaware. Jimin in the recorded video also seems to be extremely upset and angry at what some fans treated him when he just arrived in frαncє.

Here are the circumstances at the time of the incident that angered some ARMYs and netizens:

As one of the most popular groups in Kpop and globally at the moment, of course BTS will have a lot of toxic fans. They can be willing to find all kinds of ways to stalk the 7 boys anytime, anywhere such as in airports, hotels... Therefore, this is always an obsession of the boys as well as those of other people. true fan.

BTS members seem to travel by plane a lot, and after each long flight, they will be extremely tired. So if they were followed again, it would be like a punishment for them. And today, it was Jimin who suffered this punishment and this unpleasant experience affected his emotions a lot when he landed in Paris.

Specifically, Jimin has just arrived in frαncє not long ago, but in some videos distributed on SNS, some ARMYs discovered that Jimin's attitude was more uncomfortable than usual. Looking at the surroundings, true ARMYs began to notice the problem and reacted violently because a part of ARMY seemed to be going beyond the limits of ordinary fans.

It is noteworthy that the appearance of Jimin as soon as he landed immediately created a chaotic scene at the airport. Even before he appeared, an extremely large group of fans were present to wait for the idol at the airport.

And as soon as Jimin went out to the hotel, the crowd of fans started to get out of control, trying to reach and capture his moments as close as possible. Some fans even ran around and jostled others while trying to take pictures of Jimin. The management and security staff had to work very hard to keep safe and open a way for Jimin in that chaotic scene.

In fact, we can see Jimin's tired and annoyed expression amidst the packed crowd of ungrateful fans. What's more remarkable is that the people present did not pay attention to the idol's mood. They were constantly laughing, shouting, keeping the camera close to Jimin to take clear pictures.

This incident angered international ARMYs who criticized the crowd of "fans" present at the French airport at the time, for not respecting Jimin's personal space. When at the ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾an airport, Jimin is very respected with fans queuing up and giving him a comfortable path but not when it comes to frαncє.

Before that, BTS members also mentioned many times that fans should not appear and jostle each other in public places when the members appear. Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ Music also made a notice about banning fans from appearing in places such as airports or public areas and following artists. But it seems these warnings are not working for some fans.

Seeing the chaotic situation at the airport when Jimin appeared, netizens expressed concern and worry for him:

- Sasaeng shouldn't be considered a fan. They deserve to be severely punished

- Some of the security guards seem fierce, but I think it's necessary to protect the star

- Some fans even hold their phones close to their idols' faces. Tightening security is definitely essential in these cases

- Idols can get нυят, so protection sometimes needs to be strong

- Y’all rlly goin out bad. It’s sad as FCK.

- this is so embarrassing. i wish people would consider- is this the kind of fandom we want to be, how we want to appear to them?- before doing things like this

- Oh my god stop… why do I feel embarrassed

- Exactly my point!! It’s time and again known to not do this.. like man got down from a tiring plane ride ffs

- Thank you to the many fans who stayed home. You missed what might be your only chance to see him this close. But you would rather know he's safe and comfortable than be somewhere he asked you not to be doing something he asked you not to do. It's a sacrifice he appreciates.

- he looks so done im scared

- This isn’t about Jimin, this is about their selfishness, bragging about getting that close. Their security sucks

- Jimin is definitely tired from hours of flight and people never care about him as a human. Like this is painful to watch. Jimin is always bright and cheerful. Now looking at this I can see how uncomfortable he is. I know people who advised not to go after JK in Qatar also here

Meeting and greeting fans at the airport is an integral part of idols' careers and lives. Such situations can be enjoyable experiences for both idols and fans, as long as they are done respectfully. Otherwise, they will become an obsession that is hard to erase!