ARMYs React To The Recent Weverse Article That Seems To Be Throwing Shade At Jimin And SUGA

Well, it seems that HYBE has been making moves that are not very popular with fans lately. Therefore, they always face a lot of trouble from fans when they point out mistakes.

Recently, HYBE published an article about Morgan Wallen and it also caused a wave of controversy. It wouldn't be a problem if a paragraph in the article made fans feel that HYBE seems to be disrespecting the achievements of top K-pop artists, especially Jimin and SUGA when it comes to them. compared to Morgan Wallen's record.

Here is the situation that caused strong controversy and HYBE is facing a huge wave of criticism from fans:

Weverse is known as one of the biggest K-pop artists and fan interaction platforms today. Weverse products and operations are under the management and control of HYBE and Weverse Magazine is one of them.

Weverse Magazine has received a lot of love from fans as it brings interesting stories and information about HYBE artists and others. However, recently, it is the latest article on Weverse Magazine that has caused it to receive negative reactions from fans.

Specifically, an article in Weverse Magazine titled: "Morgan Wallen is the most wanted man in music," has caused controversy among fans. Many believe it contains subtle jabs or "shade" directed towards HYBE's artists, including beloved members of BTS such as Jimin and SUGA.

Morgan Cole Wallen is known as one of the most famous αmєrícαn country music artists of the moment. In March of this year, after his comeback with the new album One Thing at a Time, he immediately scored No.1 Billboard 200 for the second time in his career with it. His achievements are respectable and he also receives well-deserved likes.

However, it won't become a controversial article until a paragraph explaining the country star's mαѕѕive success written by the editor of Weverse Magazine makes no sense. It even brings a sense of insecurity to K-pop readers and fans.

This is because the article undermines the success of K-pop artists while over-praising the success of Morgan Wallen with the album 'One Thing at a Time'. The pαѕѕage is said to disrespect the dedication of Jimin, SUGA and many other K-pop artists to its current development.

The pαѕѕage was written: "These days, K-pop fans have discovered a name that’s to 2023 what Maroon 5 was to 2012: Morgan Wallen. Born in 1993, country singer Morgan Wallen dominated the U.S. music world earlier this year after the release of his third album, One Thing at a Time, on March 3—and when I say “dominated,” I mean it in the most literal sense of the word: Just one week after the album’s release, every single one of the 36 songs off the album was charting on the Hot 100, with five of them in the top 10. The album sold 500,000 copies in its first week alone, which has helped it remain in the top spot on the Billboard 200 for 10 consecutive weeks.

TWICE, Agust D, SEVENTEEN and LE SSERAFIM have all jockeyed for the first place but no one has been able to topple One Thing at a Time from its pedestal. At any other time, those K-pop albums would have ridden right to the top on the back of their sales, but Wallen’s have been even higher. At least Miley Cyrus, SZA and Jimin have had some partial success in breaking up his domination of the Hot 100. Yet, not even they could derail the unstoppable success of the album’s main single, “Last Night”".

After reading this article by Morgan Wallen, fans took to social media to point out that Weverse magazine has been throwing stones at top K-pop artists, including TWICE, Seventeen, and even BTS - who created a whole HYBE empire as it is today.

They shared that the BTS members, especially Jimin, contributed greatly to the increase in HYBE's stock price with their debut track "Like Crazy", which peaked at #1 on Billboard's HOT 100 chart, an admirable achievement. Meanwhile, SUGA is also making waves with the huge success of his solo world tour.

Fans and netizens have had many reactions to this post:

- hybe needs to be reminded every day that they’re nothing without bts.

- They need to be reminded evryday that not jus Hybe the whole country is nothing without BTS. BTS Paved the Way

- hybe created by bts popularity, if they dont have bts, maybe still stay on the first place

- We need to give em reminder from time to time cause they tryin so hard to project that they aint dependent on bts. Hate that company

- Can we all go back to be active in streaming and voting when BT/S were active!! Industry thinking that b/ts is over!! LET'S SHOW THEM

- Never thought I'd seriously be wishing for bighít to branch off back on its own

- How a frєαking company forgets the one who played most important part in MAKING IT FROM GROUND.

- “BECAUSE OF BTS JIMIN HYBE SHARES ROSE UP TO 15% after Jimin's # 1 on Hot 100 & # 2 on Billboard 200 , according to billboard global music index HYBE was the only one to see double-digit stock rise he also helped wt stock rise of SM ,YG & JYP”—billboard & korea times

- You appear to be denigrating the artists who helped you become who you are now & despite having achieved your goals thanks to them,you display no sense of guilt BTS PAVED THE WAY

- They're being well fed rn but the shade is ugh

- They wouldn’t have existed in the first place..period

- anyway thanks to jungkook for giving face more promotion than hybe. jimin has the best bf ever

- free bangtan from hybe, free jimin, SUGA from hybe

- you would think the one under HYBE is that whíte яα¢ιѕт mf and not the one bringing money to the table with the biggest tour by a korean soloist

- asian artists weren’t able to dethrone a whíte country artist in his own country wow what a surprise

- it’s crazy out here hybe been treating my boy sh1t like