Actor Shim Hyungtak's Wife Reacts About Jungkook Knowing Their Similarities And Reveals Her Bias In BTS

Since being introduced on television as the wife of actor Shim Hyung Tak, Hirai Saya has received a lot of attention from netizens. Partly because of the two's beautiful love story, meanwhile, a lot of people noticed her because of her similar appearance to Jungkook.

Even this story has become a topic of discussion that is spread throughout SNS and even кσяєαn media. Jungkook also quickly updated the news and expressed his thoughts during a recent live broadcast with fans.

Meanwhile, actor Shim Hyungtak's wife also quickly responded after learning about the connection between her and Jungkook. At the same time, through it, she also sent lovely messages as a fan of BTS:

There are ARMYs who may not be unfamiliar with the name Hirai Saya lately. Although she is not a celebrity or active in the entertainment industry of кσяєα or jäṗäń, she has a visual that surprises many people. Because she looks so much like a female version of Jungkook when he first debuted.

Specifically, in April when Touch Your Heart actor Shim Hyung Tak and his fiancée appeared together on the program Romantics Of Chosun, the interesting story of the connection between Jungkook and the actor's wife began to be revealed. discussed. Shim Hyungtak said his wife, Hirai Saya, is jäṗäńese and 18 years younger than him. She does not work in the entertainment industry.

Notably, as soon as she appeared on the show, Hirai Saya surprised fans by her appearance. In the images recorded from the program, it can be seen that Shim Hyung Tak's fiancée has a lovely and cute appearance.

In particular, Hirai Saya's big round eyes and small face make many people think of Jungkook when he first debuted. Both have big eyes, small nose and overall harmonious faces. The signature bunny-tooth smile is also seen in both Hirai and Jungkook.

Thanks to this similarity in appearance, this topic quickly went viral throughout social networks, attracting the attention of fans through each episode of the couple's broadcast. Even Jungkook, one of the main characters of the story, was noticed by this exciting news.

During a recent live broadcast, fans asked him how he feels after seeing a girl who looks like him and is even the wife of a famous кσяєαn actor. He quickly laughed and admitted that even he was surprised that the second case had similar visuals.

Jungkook replied to fans: "Oh I saw Shim Hyung Tak's wife (laughs). We really look alike".

Meanwhile, after Jungkook shared his feelings about the two's similarities, actor Shim Hyungtak's wife was also recently told about the K-pop male idol's reaction. Upon learning of Jungkook's adorable reaction, she quickly wrote a letter on Instagram to share her thoughts accordingly.

Through the letter, Hirai Saya shows that she is a big fan of BTS even though she is not one to know much about Kpop idols. So does her husband, actor Shim Hyungtak, but both of them really like BTS.

In which, the person she gives a little more favor to is Jungkook. Hirai Saya wrote: "Honestly, I'm on the side of those who don't know about Korean idols that well, but I only like BTS and among them I like Jungkook-nim the most. And Mr. Shim also doesn't know well about idols, but Mr. Shim also likes BTS, and Mr. Sim also is a fan of Jungkook-nim among them!!!".

She was also very happy to hear that Jungkook was comfortable with the two of them having similar looks and also thanks for receiving so much support from everyone. However, actor Shim Hyungtak's wife üńệẍṗệċẗệďly shared that she also feels apologetic to Jungkook's fans for this.

Hirai Saya continued: "So, in the midst of this, this happened. So I was like 'is this a dream?'...He saw my face via TV or by pictures, and said that we're lookalike, he said it himself, and he acknowledged it, so it was rather a dream. Thank you...

And honestly speaking, because I've never heard people saying that we're lookalike, I was so surprised and there's also a sense of guilt (sorry) for bts or Jungkook's fans...

I'm really grateful since the thing that happened last time was filled with Jungkook-nim's kindness. So, I want to say thank you again here".

Finally, with a huge fan's love for BTS and Jungkook, she shows that she will always support the group's cause in the future. She ended: "Moving forward, I'll be cheering on Jungkook-nim and the BTS members too!'

Moreover, to write these messages and upload photos with them, she has borrowed glαsses from her husband to try to take photos like style of Jungkook. Her action is so adorable, right?

Through what Hirai Saya wrote, ARMYs were touched and expressed even more love for her:

- They need to meet and take pic tgt we need it

- I need a DNA test stat!


- She is the true one her even more

- She's gorgeous and so cute

- She's so real for i like BTS the only one

- awwwe she’s so sweet

- shes so adorable im going to cry

- Supporting her twin, we love to see it!

- The picture of her wearing glαsses...good god.. Also She's so nice