Who Is The Girl Going With V In Washington In The Trending Video On SNS In The Past Hours?

In the past hours, on social networks, a video of V in Washington DC taken by a commoner many days ago has been the center of focus. The remarkable point in the video is that people are quite curious about the people who were with V at that time, especially a woman.

However, after finding out, this is not a strange person. This is someone very familiar with BTS and ARMY in overseas schedules. If you don't know her yet, read it below:

Specifically, in the viral video, a person caught V at the door of a restaurant. He got out of the car with a few security guards, a man waiting for him, and a woman. They then entered the restaurant and enjoyed their meal.

After a few hours of spreading on SNS, people not only paid attention to V but also noticed the woman accompanying him. Commoners stirred up thinking that it was a girl with a close relationship with V, others said it was HYBE staff.

In fact, many ARMYs have confirmed that the girl is BTS's translator - Nicole Kim. She came along to help V during his dinner with producer NIVE - who produced the song Blue & Grey.

She has been a staff of Big Hit Music since 2017. Currently, Nicole Kim is HYBE's A&R executive team leader because, in an interview with Weverse, her position was described as such.

Nicole Kim is said to hold a key position in HYBE's operations as the A&R Executive Position is described as Artist and Repertoire. Nicole's mission is in charge of many areas, so it is difficult to know exactly what she works for.

Popularly, Nicole is known in the fandom as the main translator of BTS. She is often responsible for finding artists to collaborate with BTS, recording sessions, and connecting directly with other artists and record producers.

An example of Nicole's work is when BTS collaborated with Megan Thee Stallion. She was the one who sent an invitation on behalf of HYBE and BTS to Megan. So, we have their collaboration on Butter Remix. The letter shared by Megan shows this.

Not only that, when Jungkook collaborated with Charlie Puth on a year-end stage, Jungkook called Nicole over and asked her to repeat some English sentences. When Jungkook chatted with Charlie Puth, Nicole also translated the conversation for him.

Nicole Kim is also known to be often present when BTS has travel abroad. Because of her good personality and skill, Nicole always helps the Big Hit members and staff communicate with foreign artists when RM or other interpreter is not there.

Max - the artist who has collaborated with BTS also once praised Nicole's translation ability and said that she is a great person to help BTS and the artists talk comfortably and positively.

Nicole was known and noticed more by ARMYs during BTS's 4-day PTD concert at SoFi Stadium. She accompanied the members on a private schedule and communicated with other artists who came to BTS's concert. 

She appeared with j-hope, V, Jimin, and Jungkook when they attended Harry's concert. She enjoyed the concert atmosphere and translated back and forth for Lizzo and BTS.

Nicole Kim was also caught in the same frame with Halsey when Halsey attended BTS' concert. She and Halsey danced to the melody of Dynamite.

Nicole Kim has worked with BTS in many important events over many years. She helps BTS to cooperate smoothly with foreign artists. Probably a lot of ARMYs admire her talent and profession. She really is an extremely attractive girl, isn't she? Of course!