The Moment Jungkook And BLACKPINK Jennie Enjoying The Party At The Calvin Klein's Launch Event Attracts Netizens' Attention

A few minutes ago, Jungkook was unexpectedly present at the launch event of Calvin Klein's new collection in Seoul. Jungkook's appearance has fans extremely excited and looking forward to his first images.

In particular, this is an event with the appearance of Calvin Klein's female global ambassador - BLACKPINK Jennie. Therefore, fans around the world are looking forward to the interactions of these two great brand ambassadors, especially since they are both top famous members of BTS and BLACKPINK.

As expected, on social networks quickly spread a video recording the moment both artists were present at Calvin Klein's party for the event. This precious moment captured the attention of millions of fans showing the influence of two top artists:

It can be said that Calvin Klein is a lucky luxury brand to have two global ambassadors for two of the world's top music groups today, Jungkook and Jennie. Jennie started her contract with Calvin Klein from September 2021 and is also the first female K-pop artist to take on the role of a global ambassador for this brand.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, Calvin Klein announced Jungkook as their 2nd global brand ambassador and drew all the attention with his look in a new denim and und3rwear collection. Along with Jennie, Jungkook is making a global impact for Calvin Klein.

Since both of these top artists are global ambassadors for a luxury fashion house, fans have been expecting a combination from both or a common frame. Many people predict that it will explode on social networks like when V attended CELINE's event with BLACPINK Lisa and Park Bo Gum.

However, both Jennie and Jungkook have never appeared together in any recent Calvin Klein event, so that opportunity seems unlikely. But today, fans finally got their wish when Jungkook was unexpectedly present at the JENNIE x Calvin Klein Capsule Collection Launch in Seoul.

Soon after, the images of Jennie and Jungkook were posted on social networks. Jennie appeared with a purple body-hugging dress in the new collection and Jungkook wore the brand's black outfit.

In particular, a moment quickly caught the attention of fans when both Jennie and Jungkook were enjoying a party with the DJ at the launch event that Calvin Klein had prepared. Although there was no interaction with each other, the fact that the two appeared in the same frame made fans feel crazy.

Seeing how both artists enjoyed the party made netizens unable to stop their excitement:

- @CalvinKlein can't wait jennie and jungkook in one frame 

- We need an interaction now


- Why they social distancing .. we NEED a PIC

- besties can you like go to the same floor? Like!?!? PLEASE


- we need a picture of them together NOW!

- im literally a starving victorian child and this is the very last thing i saw bye

- lmaooo whoever recorded this was fre@king tf out

- my bangpink heart

- jungkook in your area

- one picture together and the world will collapse

- and if they drop a pic together...

- my house is literally just 15 min from here but I have appointment- nauuururr i want to go

- Like we got tae and lisa in one frame we should also have these two

- Jk and jennie my favourites together

- Now haters are cry hard bichtea karma always win

- I love this BIG KARMA haters are cry hard lol hahaha



- And you + me dancing in the moonlight 

It is known that today's Calvin Klein event in Seoul is for Jennie and her new collection. Jennie brought her personal touch to the Jennie for Calvin Klein collection when participating in the design with the American brand. Therefore, she is also the host of the party.

In addition, with an appearance at this Calvin Klein event, Jungkook also made his public debut as the brand's global ambassador for the first time since he was announced in the role. It's great to see the handsome images of Jungkook and Jennie are also very beautiful on the day of the launch of her new collection.