Jungkook Just Dropped A Hint About His Ideal Type Of Girlfriend, Making ARMYs Excited

Handsome, perfectly talented in every way, not to mention having a good sense of humour, Jungkook is such a guy. How would such a wonderful person pay attention to girls? Are ARMYs ever curious, wondering if they are qualified to be Jungkook's dream girlfriend?

Over the years, although he has never been involved in a dating scandal, Jungkook has occasionally revealed some characteristics in a girlfriend he wants to date. Recently, he also updated some other characteristics about his ideal type of girlfriend.

Are you curious what kind of girl will make Jungkook flutter? Check them out below:

When talking about the ideal guy of many girls, surely many people will choose Jungkook as their ideal model. In terms of talent, ability, personality, wealth, popularity or whatever, Jungkook doesn't seem to have any weaknesses.

But of course, for someone as perfect as Jungkook, he also has standards or easier said traits in a girl that easily attracts him. In the early years of his debut, Jungkook was quite shy to talk about it because he was so young.

Even so, in several interviews, Jungkook also revealed that a smart girl will attract him the most and in many later times, Jungkook also considers this important. Even a teacher named Kim Dong Wook - currently a teacher of kσrєαn language arts at Seoul University mentioned Jungkook in his introduction poster as follows: "Want to marry Jungkook Uh? You have to get into Seoul University first. Jungkook's ideal type is a girl who is smart and stu∂ιєs hard."

Even if it's just a joke, it can be seen that it is a very high standard not only in terms of intelligence. Because Seoul University is the most prestigious university in kσrєα. Those who want to pαss the exam to this school need not only intelligence but also diligence, hard work and relentless efforts. A Seoul university student is always valued for this reason.

Next, Jungkook also emphasized feeling attracted to a girl with ideals – which can also be seen in him. It also suits the type of smart girl he mentioned earlier.

Also, Jungkook likes girls who can start a conversation first and take the initiative in love because he's not a good starter in a relationship. In addition, he also thinks that because of his zodiac sign, he finds it difficult to get along with other people, a girl who makes him feel comfortable and close when around is the one he finds for his love. 

Not only that, but recently, Jungkook also helped fans know soṃệẗḧing new about his "model". During his recent livestream, Jungkook read a ton of flirty comments from ARMYs. He didn’t hesitate to unleash the same “tease” energy right back!

One of the most notable moments was when he read a comment from a fan saying “Please don’t ignore us!” in a formal yet cute tone. Jungkook found the comment so adorable that he giggled and repeated it to himself multiple times: "Hahahaha that’s so cute! ‘Please don’t ignore us~!’ *baby voice*".

He couldn't help but swoon over the cute comment and revealed that such a comment is exactly his type. Of course, then he repeated it again with a big smile on his face: "*Swoons* So cute!! Totally my type."

It seems to imply that someone as adorable as Jungkook is looking for his own cutie. So if you want to impress him, try to bring out your cute side, Jungkook will surely fall for you soon.

But it is worth noting that Jungkook has another very high demand for his lover. It's someone who has to bear with him because he's not the type to handle other people easily. He even said in the livestream that only those close to him can stand him!