V Makes A Huge Sasaeng Fan Give Up Harassing BTS

Since the development of Kpop, it also has followed by the appearance of so-called sasaeng fans. Sasaeng fans are said to be the cause of many stars' fears and obsessions when these people constantly attack the artist's private life.

While idols repeatedly expressed their fear and fatigue when faced with these toxic individuals, they did not stop their actions. However, V seems to be the most influential as he is able to influence at least some of BTS' sasaeng fans.

Here is a story told by a notorious former sasaeng fan of BTS. She, along with another big sasaeng fan, gave up on harαssing the members' private lives after being influenced by V:

In ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾an culture, sasaeng or sasaeng fan is a term used to refer to fanatical fans who follow or engage in other behaviors that constitute an invasion of an idol's privacy. Examples of such behaviors include searching for celebrities at their dorm or home, stealing their belongings or personal information, harαssing members and their families, etc.

What makes sasaeng fans become the fear of ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾an artists is that this group also directly touches or harαsses idols. MBC once made a report on sasaeng fans and commented that the fanatical fans are obsessed with holding the idol life in their hands.

The more popular the group, the more sasaeng fans there are and that's why people are t̾e̾r̾r̾i̾f̾i̾e̾d ̾ of BTS's sasaeng fans. During the past 10 years, many times, BTS members showed their fatigue, discomfort, and even fear and depression when facing these fans.

But there are also some sasaeng fans who, after a long time maintaining their extreme behavior, have been changed by BTS members and abandoned that evil path. One of them is Kasami Yamamoto - the former sasaeng who is said to have followed BTS for a long time has confessed to his unethical behavior recently.

She shared about why she chose to stop harαssing BTS. She started the story when she talked about becoming a sasaeng of BTS in 2017. She maintained this as a main job for 2 years, until the end of December 2019.

Kasami Yamamoto doesn't even hesitate to admit that she enjoys being a sasaeng fan of BTS even though she sometimes feels guilty for her actions. And she also confessed the terrible fact that at that time, she received information about BTS leaked from employees of вιg нιт Entertainment themselves.

She said: "I knew that BTS didn’t like sasaengs but I didn’t care, I just liked the attention. Being a sasaeng was a time consuming hobby and eventually it started to take over everything. I no longer liked other things or had time to do anything else. I would just always try to be close with BTS even if they hated me for it. The ways I obtained info was just heinous. Honestly thinking about it now, вιg нιт has some internal problems to fix, because some staff would exploit Bangtan just for money".

In particular, Kasami also said that she and the "no pants" sasaeng fan are close friends and are proud of their relationship. Not stopping there, Kasami also revealed that by following BTS, she has many relationships with other sasaeng fans and becomes a reliable source of information. She also started to make a lot of money selling the information she collected.

She continued, "Soon, I became a “reliable source” for information about kpop idols and I started making quite a bit of money from selling their information. With the money I got, It would just help me follow my idols even more places to get even more money. I took a lot of private photos and videos that I have now deleted."

But she started to shake her will when watching V's live streams. He has expressed more than once how uncomfortable he is when facing sasaeng fans, especially at in public places such as on an airplane or at a restaurant.

That's when she started to really feel guilty but she pushed it aside by deceiving herself that her behavior was only bringing her closer to him. However, not long after that, an incident happened that made her really want to stop acting forever.

That's when a close friend of hers decided not to do sasaengs anymore. Seeing his longtime sasaeng friend suddenly decide to change his lifestyle, Kasami was ѕнσ¢кed. Finally, when she saw that her friend had returned to normal life in a positive way, she understood how much she had ȟɥȑț BTS.

Kasami has since also decided to completely stop these actions!

She recounted: "To be seeing such a big sasaeng and friend to me leaving made me have a reality check. I started researching around with other people’s reason why leaving the community. I felt like it wasn’t worth it anymore, so on December 23rd, i told my sasaeng friends that I want to be happier and not harm bts anymore. Surprisingly, they said they wouldn’t judge me for leaving and that they still loved me."

But just because Kasami gives up doesn't mean she erases everything. Even scarier is that she revealed her old account is still active and is run by another sasaeng friend. She even kept in touch with this friend: "I’m no longer still in the community but my friends are. I’ve given my account over to another friend of mine so she could take over. To this day, I regret everything I’ve ever done to ȟɥȑț them deeply, but I cannot take back my actions".

Her revelations even left other fans feeling disgusted rather than praised. Even when she stops her bad behavior, she still helps others and still befriends other sasaeng fans who harαss BTS. That is disgusting!