The Sad Reason Made BTS's 5-Year Female Producer Decide To Leave Them

Currently, perhaps many Kpop fans are not too familiar with the name of a female solo artist - Adora. But if you say that she used to be "BTS' female producer", many people will probably be surprised and realize that she is the cute, light-haired producer of вιg нιт Music.

Adora has now debuted as a female artist and has her own expectations for this new path, but she previously spent 5 years working behind the scenes in production for the world-famous K-pop star. Behind Adora's story of coming out of the shadows are the emotional reasons why she became the solo idol she is today.

Here is the story shared by Adora herself and you will admire the efforts of this talented female producer even more:

Adora has debuted as a solo artist since 2021. She is currently signed with Aura Entertainment and has released many notable songs such as Make U Dance featuring Eunha of girl group Viviz, pop ballad The Little Name…

Her name may not ring many bells even though Adora, also a producer, has worked with some of the biggest names in K-pop including BTS, TXT and GFRIEND. Notably, she had been with BTS for 5 years since 2016 with a series of big híts like Spring Day, 'Not Today', 'Outro: Wings', 'Euphoria', 'Love Maze', SUGA's Seesaw, Jin's Epiphany,… At this time, Adora worked as an exclusive producer for вιg нιт Music. However, Adora ended her contract with вιg нιт Music in 2021, after 5 years of work. She debuted as a singer after that under her own name.

Even before being a producer of BTS, Adora was a trainee at Music K Entertainment and was originally supposed to be a member of the girl group The Ark, but ended up not debuting for unknown reasons. Then, in 2016, she was recruited by вιg нιт through the "2016 Next New Creator" audition.

Since then, as a producer, she has been noted for her contributions to the success of K-pop superstars with her mermaid voice. But it seems that the title "producer of BTS" is too big of a shadow for her to make her own mark as "solo artist Adora".

Adora recounts that she spent a lot of time composing and making music for other artists, but in 2019, when she was diagnosed with thyroid ¢αи¢єя, she had to put everything on hold. In her 20s, facing thyroid ¢αи¢єя changed the value of Adora's life a lot. It involves urging her to fulfill her dream of becoming an artist – her unfinished dream so she has no regrets.

Even so, when she debuted as a rookie, the shadow of BTS was too big for her to overcome. She's been labeled as the "producer of BTS" so much that many people don't even know that she debuted as a solo artist. That used to make her feel pressured and worried that she would lose when she couldn't show her worth.

She also felt sad that many people think she relied on BTS' reputation and now she's debuting after taking advantage of that reputation. Adora also expressed that when she debuted, she was also afraid that she would affect BTS, but the great experience of working with such hard-working and kind artists like BTS made her know that she has to try harder to overcome prejudices and succeed like them.

That has helped Adora work just more to appear as a solo artist. She and the BTS members no longer work together as producers and idols, but they still support and help each other whenever the opportunity arises. She also recently revealed that she recently recorded with SUGA on one of his projects and she was very happy after being contacted by him.