The Restaurant Owner Revealed Real Identity Of The Girl Who Is Considered As Jungkook's Girlfriend In Jeju By Netizen

After V, Jungkook continues to be the member involved in dating rumors after a photo of him went viral on social media. Just a few hours ago, this photo went viral with a dizzying speed and quickly attracted the attention of many people.

But what is worth mentioning here is that the person who posted this rumor did not give clear evidence and hastily concluded the news. Then in order to dispel rumors for Jungkook, ARMYs had to investigate and find out the identity of that girl.

Here's the full story that's been happening over the past few hours on Korean online forums:

Recently, there are a lot of dating rumors around BTS, probably because the group is spending a lot of free time in the schedule for individual activities and the group is also turning older. However, none of the members of the group have yet made any claims or statements about their dating and all are false rumors.

Recently, a similar rumor about Jungkook started on Korean community forums. This rumor attracted hundreds of views and thousands of comments within an hour of being posted by an anonymous user.

This post originates from a photo of Jungkook in a restaurant and sitting next to him is an unknown girl who is said to be his girlfriend. From there, this anonymous user writes the Nate Pann post title as:  "Jungkook was seen being on a date on Jeju Island. Taehyung and Jennie's date location last year..." 

In the post, this user also shared that Jungkook was on a trip to Jeju Island and he was with his girlfriend, affirming that Jungkook has found his love. Looking from the photo, Jungkook's face is clearly revealed while the girl can only see her hair and does not have any intimate actions to confirm that it is Jungkook's girlfriend.

But this article doesn't even stop there, claiming that Taehyung and Jennie also dated last year in this Jeju island and in the same place as Jungkook. While before that, this rumor was reflected by YG as untrue and the person who spread the rumor was also punished according to the law.

As soon as this rumor reached many ARMYs, they quickly began to expose the truth of the photo. ARMYs pointed out that this is a photo posted from the past and that the person who took it is a stalker and invader of Jungkook's private life.

ARMYs pointed out that this photo was taken a few months ago when Jungkook took a trip to Jeju Island and visited the restaurant for a barbecue. Even the shop owner shared Jungkook's previous visit and the autograph he gave the restaurant.

Not only that, for more authentic information, some ARMYs contacted the owner of the store to get an answer for the girl's identity. The store owner confirmed that Jungkook went there with a group of his close friends and that the girl accompanying him was a female employee who worked with Jungkook. She is also in charge of booking tables and guiding them in Jeju and does various other support jobs.

After the answer was given, many netizens expressed their displeasure when the poster did not find out the truth and smeared Jungkook:

- "? lol. This was when he went with his friends and he even left his signature, this r***d brought up an old photo to stir up drama. Leave BTS alone and live your life," 

- "This was already revealed that Jungkook went there with his acquaintances and even left a signature. The restaurant owner even shared his story and this person is bringing up a photo from a few months ago, this is just a commotion created by akgaes,"

- "This was from last year and everyone knows about this already that he went with his acquaintances. He even left his signature there. People were attacking Taehyung before but now they moved on to Jungkook?"

- "Hope this person goes to jail for spreading false information."

- "Calling restaurant owner as if they know who he is dating. Excellent"

- "Sometimes I wonder what it is like for the BTS members to live in this oxymoronic world where everyone seems so THIRSTY to catch them dating while at the same time HATING the thought of them dating. Like, damned if you do damned if you don't ?"

- "I'm really Happy Fans are Standing up For these Guys. This shit needs to stop. Leave them alone. Its very unlikely they would put their reputation on the line. Give it up and get a Life..."

- "Its sad that no matter what female they are with people will view it as they are dating"