The Female Soldier Takes Advantage Of Her Relationship To Approach And Inoculate Jin Without Permission

For male K-pop artists, enlistment is inevitable. But of course, enlisting celebrities is never easy even when they try to fit into the m̴i̴l̴i̴t̴a̴r̴y̴ environment.

Because they are celebrities and have no privacy protection when they join the public, it is very easy to invade their privacy even in a disciplined m̴i̴l̴i̴t̴a̴r̴y̴ environment. Recently, Jin was the first BTS member to have a bad experience where he was serving in the m̴i̴l̴i̴t̴a̴r̴y̴.

A few hours ago, кσяєαn media reported that a female officer deliberately approached Jin and defied him to vaccinate him without permission. Although after that, the division where Jin was working took appropriate measures, but it still aroused a great deal of anger in the fan community:

These days, BTS fans seem to be surrounded by a lot of bad news. In the context of V being attacked after dating rumors with Jennie, recently, a news has made ARMYs extremely angry. That is, a femalde soldier of the 28th Division left the workplace during her office hours and went to the 5th Division Recruit Training School to illєgαlly inoculate Jin.

According to information revealed a few minutes ago by K-media, on May 18 at 13:30 (KST), a female lieutenant A (27 years old, female nurse soldier) of the 28th division drove her car to Yeoncheon Recruit Training School of the 5th Division. It is known that this is also where Jin is performing his m̴i̴l̴i̴t̴a̴r̴y̴ service as an äṩṩistant instructor. 

Lieutenant A targeted Jin because he was a celebrity by taking advantage of her close personal relationship with Jin's unit nurse officer D. Lieutenant A conducted the second phase of dengue vaccination for Jin at the medical room of the 5th Division Recruit Training School from about 13:30 to 15:30 on the same day.

Not only that, after Lieutenant A returned to the unit she was working in and reminisced about that time, she also told others: "When I was injected, I saw BTS Jin suff3rs hurtfully". In addition, after the division discovered the incident, they quickly investigated that this officer A did not report to his superiors, but left the workplace illєgαlly.

Not only that, this female officer is also suspected of leaking a lot of medicine to the 5th Division. This person is said to have smuggled a large amount of Tylenol to the 5th Division Recruit Training School. According to an information source According to news, lieutenant A talked on the phone with lieutenant D, after hearing that the 5th division had a few special d̾r̾u̾gs, this person promised to give the 28th division a large amount of Tylenol (an analgesic, antipyretic, fever).

Leaving the workplace under article 79 of the Military Penal Code (Escape from Work) will face imprisonment or a suspended prison sentence of less than 1 year. Of course, along with that, female officer A will be dismissed and expelled from the army.

The m̴i̴l̴i̴t̴a̴r̴y̴ representative said about the deviation of lieutenant A that: "Desire, self-interest has filled this person's mind, no longer awake enough to think, but at that time only thought of having to meet (Jin) ). This person left the unit without permission but acted as if she had informed her superiors, if this information gets out, the unit will be heavily criticized. Anyone in the 5th Division will even be severely fined if they only ask for BTS Jin's autograph. But the act of leaving the unit while working deserves even more severe punishment."

Along with that, the chief of staff of Division 28 - female officer A's unit, Seo Jung Hoon, said, "We are conducting an internal inspection to confirm the truth, and will handle - discipline based on laws and regulations."

Meanwhile, soon after learning about Jin's privacy being violated and even being approached for vaccinations without being censored, fans were extremely angry. They were angry that the m̴i̴l̴i̴t̴a̴r̴y̴ did not have strict discipline and allowed a famous artist to be violated in the m̴i̴l̴i̴t̴a̴r̴y̴ environment.

Jin is defending his country and fulfilling his responsibilities as a citizen, however, the m̴i̴l̴i̴t̴a̴r̴y̴ doesn't seem to fulfill its responsibility to protect him like their citizen:

- Wow, this is really scary! Can you leave Bangtan alone?

- Wow, read without believing that someone can do this.

- Even when he enlisted, he couldn't have his own life. Bangtan-ah... will those who enlist in the army be haräṩṩed like that?

- When I read it, I trembled

- The more I think about it, the more scared I get, what if this person can do som̾e̾t̾h ̾ing over the limit? even k1ll him?

- I think the ssfs have stopped following Bangtan but after the Korail incident and this one, it seems that the scale is different but there are still a lot of them.

- I'm worried these days whether BTS hates fans or hates people...just right...

- This story will be translated and reported everywhere, isn't it humiliating?

- It's disappointing that the morale of m̴i̴l̴i̴t̴a̴r̴y̴ personnel can drop to this extent.

- If this person had bad intentions and injected some other d̾r̾u̾g, I don't know how bad things would be.

This isn't the first time a celebrity has had their privacy invaded while serving in the m̴i̴l̴i̴t̴a̴r̴y̴. When he first enlisted in the army, G-Dragon also had a similar situation when his medical records were revealed by m̴i̴l̴i̴t̴a̴r̴y̴ doctors. Not only that, while trying to bond with his teammates in the unit, he was also secretly photographed and had his underwear stolen.

Besides, 2PM's Taecyeon also suffered from invasion of privacy and was often in an unsafe state when he enlisted. SHINee Taemin also faced difficulties due to invasion of privacy and haräṩṩment while in the barracks.

This makes fans even more angry because Jin and other famous artists are not respected!