The Couple In Video Said To Be V And Jennie Dating In Paris Officially Admits To Cosplaying Two Idols

On the evening of May 17, the social network stirred up before the clip of Jennie and V holding hands and walking around in Paris, ̾f̾r̾a̾n̾c̾e ̾. Since then, dating rumors of the two quickly invaded social networks and even the dating pictures that were released last year were also debunked.

However, so far, both Jennie and V have never commented on the truth or commented on this situation, so many fans think that they should not jump to conclusions. And they were right when recently, a ̾j̾a̾p̾a̾nese cosplayer specializing in V cosplay spoke out about the truth behind the video recorded in Paris last night.

Here is what this cosplayer couple has acknowledged and corrected about the images that have been spread on social networks in the past hours:

If you are a Kpop fan, especially a fan of BTS and BLACKPINK, in the past hours, there are probably dozens of information that you are updated every hour. The first was at dawn (KST), a video circulating on social media recorded the image of a couple walking hand in hand on the banks of the Seine River in Paris.

The couple looks very affectionate and romantic in the context of the city of love. The couple even held hands until they returned to the neighborhood and got into a car. These images make fans go crazy for the sweetness, however, there are also some fans who can't believe it's true because the image of the two artists in the video is quite blurry and not close-up.

Many people think that it is most likely people like V and Jennie and argue that it will be possible to confirm the rumors until there are clear pictures of both of them. Soon after, another account shared a few more clear photos of V and Jennie in similar outfits and with their manager. By this time, many people believe that the two are actually dating.

Perhaps, you think you can conclude the rumors that people have been curious about for a long time about the two top Kpop artists? Well, looks like it's too soon because the truth behind it is that it's not the "real" Jennie and V.

More specifically, the couple spotted in the video looks like V and Jennie are two cosplayers of the two artists. They were present in ̾f̾r̾a̾n̾c̾e ̾ and used outfits similar to V and Jennie's vibe. This male and female cosplayer has done live broadcasts and an Ask me anything feature on Instagram Story so fans can get their questions answered.

While the female character in the video that is said to be Jennie confirmed that it was her and not "Jennie Kim from BLACKPINK", the male cosplayer made it clear that he was only cosplaying V because he was his fan. These two cosplayers are also friends, even not a couple. They just share the same interest and go out together often. 

Even in the pictures posted last year, supposedly V and Jennie were hanging out on Jeju Island, it was also theirs, not the two idols. The male cosplayer shared that the two went out with their group of friends on Jeju Island last October.

In addition, the cosplayer also expressed that he feels very scared when so many people follow and film him and you as if they were Jennie and V. At the same time, this person also expressed that fans should not Trust what the media is reporting.

Here are some male cosplayers' answers when asked by ARMYs:

Meanwhile, the news about Jennie and V dating continues to become the focus of attention while the two are still here. Jennie is said to be in ̾f̾r̾a̾n̾c̾e ̾ to prepare for the Cannes Film Festival on May 22, and V has been in Paris since the 15th of this month for a schedule with CELINE Team.

After the cosplayer couple admitted that they had cosplayed two idols in ̾f̾r̾a̾n̾c̾e ̾, many fans quickly wanted to end all gossip and respect the privacy of the idols no matter what happens:

- HE is cosplaying our Kim Taehyung. See??? the leaked photos of "dating" is not V, not Kim Taehyung!

- let's entertain the possibility of this being real... then why r hybe and yg not denying the rumors?? cuz they denied the rumors abt jungkook and joon very fast

- Don't u guys think dispatch would be the first to confirm it in this morning ? They were always in crime scenes like this but now dispatch won't even make a single post about this! And the most sus part was when the bodyguards said to take pictures from afar this ait adding up

- My head нυятs please confirm it. but that video was tar and Jennie isn’t it or did I miss soмєтнing now

- We can't just confirm anything though , we will just wait for "hello this is bigh̾i̾t ̾ music".

- So the cosplayer and his frnd were cosplaying as Jennie and tae ,,,,, both are free

- everyone out there

- he already admitted that only cosplay

- I'm so stressed... This is too much I hope T43 is doing okay, no matter what's the truth, they literally can't live like this. Everyone is invading their privacy and creating rumors I can't imagine how they feel

- He is a solo v stan ,he only follows him on insta

- Woowww the girl looks like Jennie