Special Awards Just Announces Top 10 Of “Top Faces Of The Year: Handsome And Beautiful 2022”

A standard formula for the entertainment industry is visual and the ability to dance - sing, rap or act. Even among these factors visual is the most important part to determine the popularity of a worldwide artist.

If a celebrity is loved and receives praise for their appearance, it means that their visuals are suitable for the audience's tastes and will be noticed, which has a lot of advantages. That's why, the Special Awards announced the results of the poll “Top Faces of the Year: Handsome and Beautiful 2022”, in which they ranked the best male and female visuals in the Asian entertainment industry. 

The top 10 in the ranking are the names of male and female artists whose faces are the most popular in the past year. Here is the top 10 list:

10. NCT Jeno:

And finally, the celebrity in tenth place is NCT‘s strong and handsome Jeno, the only artist representing his label SM Entertainment on the list!

09. Bright Vachirawit:

The second and last non-K-Pop idol to make the list is Bright Vachirawit, another Thai actor well-known for his talents and dazzling good looks.

08. Win Metawin:

K-Pop idols weren’t the only celebrities that made the list — famous Thai actor and model Win Metawin takes the eighth-place position with his handsome visuals!

07. BTS Jin:

The third and final BTS member on the “Top Face of the Year” list is taken by none other than their official visual, Jin, who comes in seventh.

BTS' Jin is known by the nickname Worldwide Handsome and has several other beauty monikers. It's no surprise that his looks are appreciated for having a face with the golden ratio.

Jin once shared that he was the favorite object of many girls in kindergarten when he was 5 years old. His mother also always talks about how handsome little Seokjin is! Jin has grown up, becoming more handsome every year. Even before his debut, he was noticed by everyone because of his amazing good looks.

His face with clear lines, plump lips, big and clear eyes along with a well-proportioned and toned body make his visuals even more perfect.

06. ASTRO Cha Eunwoo:

K-Pop idol and famous actor Cha Eunwoo of ASTRO comes in at sixth, which isn’t too surprising given how much his visuals are praised these days!

His masculine beauty mixed with a little cuteness at a very young age made many fans fall in love. Eunwoo is a name that has never been beaten in beauty rankings.

Currently, Eunwoo is developing more in his film career!

05. BLACKPINK Jisoo:

Jisoo is the next member of BLACKPINK to dominate the chart  “Top Faces of the Year: Handsome and Beautiful 2022” . Undeniably, the girls of YG are the brightest and most beautiful faces in Kpop today based on the heat, the virality and the standards. 

In particular, Jisoo's face with Korean standard beauty is loved because it brings a feeling of purity, lightness and tenderness. Jisoo is also always praised for her symmetrical facial proportions and is loved for her charismatic aura.

BLACKPINK’s official visual, Jisoo, comes in fifth, with her graceful beauty and elegance radiating from the picture chosen of her.

04. BLACKPINK Jennie:

In 4th place is Jennie with a face that is loved by many Korean fans even though her face is not Korean standard. However, her western beauty and small, sharp face make her stand out.

Jennie is really beautiful, maybe to some people Jennie is not considered excellent, but many people still have to fall in love. In addition, Jennie has also topped many beauty polls and becoming the face of the luxury brand Chanel also shows her top-notch visual.

Jennie possesses a princess-like aura, luxurious and charming!

03. BTS Jungkook:

In 3rd place in the ranking is none other than the character who shocked the world with the Dreamers performance at the 2022 World Cup - Jungkook.

Previously, Jungkook had just won, based on the results of People magazine's "Sexy on every age" poll. In this poll, the newspaper selected typical characters in each age group from 17-70. Jungkook was named the sexiest man at the age of 25.

Of course, to understand why Jungkook is ranked so high in this ranking, one has to see what the world has said about him these days. No one can deny his handsome, charming and impressive performance on stage. Even football fans have to apologize to Jungkook for previously criticizing Jungkook's appearance on stage!


In second place on the list is BLACKPINK Lisa - one of the most popular young Asian artists in recent years. Before that, Lisa also surpassed many other prominent names of TC Candler and won 1st place in the list of 100 most beautiful female faces and 100 most beautiful male faces in the world in 2021.

Over the years, Lisa's beauty and her style have gradually become a hot topic of discussion on charts and topics. She owns a face with sharp lines mixed with charm while Lisa's cute personality and professionalism make people fall for her.

Congratulations to BLACKPINK's maknae for achieving a respectable rank in the rankings!

01. BTS V:

For years now, BTS' V has been named one of the most handsome visual representations of K-Pop in modern times. His awards and titles for his handsomeness prove it all.

Congratulations to V for taking 1st place in the chart “Top Faces of the Year: Handsome and Beautiful 2022” for Asian artists. This is the second year in a row that V ranks at number 1 on the list, earning about 37.1% of the total votes.

In fact, he's had a record number of mentions on "Most Handsome" themed lists over the past decade, being praised for his perfect blend of masculine and feminine features as well as having an almost perfect “golden ratio” when it comes to his handsome face.

Not only that, his charismatic charisma and unique fashion style also make V stand out more. There really is no one more deserving of this position than BTS V!