RM’s Old Instagram Story Leads To A Hilarious Debate Among Fans

For ARMYs, RM's Instagram is like a treasure trove of his life. Since using his personal Instagram account, RM has shown many sides of his personal life and allowed ARMYs to see more corners of his everyday life.

However, RM sometimes makes his Instagram posts and stories the center of attention and sometimes even a way to tease fans. You may have heard of butt dialing, but have you ever seen someone post butt?

Well, ARMYs believe that's what BTS's leader RM probably did on his Instagram a few days ago. It might be one of those photos you missed:

BTS has been using their personal Instagram accounts for over a year and has 6 members currently maintaining their accounts while Jungkook has given up on creating his own feed. Contrary to Jungkook, RM is an intense fan of this social network.

Since being able to use them fluently, RM has posted many pictures of himself whenever he wants ARMYs to see them. RM is often willing to share candid moments in his life through Instagram stories or through a series of photos.

He can update fans on his travels and workout routine. Sometimes even sharing personal moments like an album launch party at his home or a get together with his musician friends.

Of course, they are greatly loved by ARMYs and grateful that he is able to openly share a part of his life with his fans. But sometimes, ARMYs are also ѕнσ¢кed by what RM posts on his Instagram Story. For example, he even posted a chart of his gym workouts with the very word "savage" like:

But recently, RM seems to know how to make fans feel more confused because of his Story. Many people couldn't help but wonder if his recent Instagram story was really a random post.

Specifically, on March 20, uploaded a photo of what looks like a black marble table at his home, with some random objects scattered across it. Some of the things on the table are clearly conceivable, such as the vial of Xylitol, a cup of coffee and a marker...

There was also an interesting black candle there, which is known as the Knigi Candle, made by a company name Nieves. The candle’s design is based on the ghost from Benjamin Sommerhelder’s book Knigi.

But the subject that sits farthest in the photo confuses everyone. Some people began to speculate that those circular metal rings looked like handcuffs and then began to make the object go further in the imagination. There are 2 of them and can't help but start thinking about handcuffs...

Shortly after posting the photo, RM deleted the story shortly after posting but it didn’t help to curb the NSFW spirits. Just kidding, but actually most fans seem to recognize it as a keychain. But ARMYs continued to have fun discussions about the object in the photo and how RM "covered" it.

Well, as amusing as handcuffing an elf sounds, what are the chances that RM would be up for such an adventure, that too in the middle of preparing for his next musical projects? Or, maybe those really are handcuffs to capture the Smoke Sprite he and So Yoon were talking about in their song…food for thought.

ARMYs seem to be immersed in the story they created for RM. It's undeniably captivating:

- did he a̾c̾c̾i̾d̾e̾n̾tally post this


- who tf is he handcuffing ? STUART LITTLE ?

- handcuffing the crabs so they don’t pinch him anymore

- im fucking dyinggggbfhjbjehv

- They are keychains but we want to make fun a little 

- chicken handcuffs

- y'all keep saying “HANDCUFFS???” like who would he be handcuffing? an elf ????

- right like whose wrists are THAT small

- save tinker bell omg

- Why are the handcuffs tiny

- Yall I didn’t know it was a keychain cuz the chain part is not visible. they emulate what are typically handcuffs so I just called them handcuffs D@MN