RM Reveals Hint For A New Album Before Enlisting When He Changed This On Instagram

Since the BTS members own Instagram, it has become a useful tool for fans to follow them. So any move they make on the platform signals an impending change.

Recently, ARMYs discovered that some small details have been changed on RM's Instagram. This is similar to when he changed to welcome his debut solo album Indigo.

Based on this change, many fans think that in the near future, RM will say goodbye to ARMYs with an album before enlisting:

BTS members are entering the stage of promoting their individual activities. Each member has their mark and spectacular change, even Jin - who is in the army.

While The Camp is considered Jin's new SNS as ARMYs can see his military life, Instagram is a place for ARMYs to follow the activities of the currently active BTS members. This is a place where ARMYs can interact and review their activities these days.

Contrary to the quietness of Jungkook's Instagram, RM in the previous year has been the most diligent member to post pictures of his daily life on the platform. And this year too. RM has always updated his latest images to the public, showing cute aspects of everyday life.

But not only that, RM's Instagram account is also a place to reveal his upcoming changes. Specifically, recently, many ARMYs discovered a change on the leader's account. It's in the Bio section at the top of his account.

Previously, when the album Indigo came out, RM left his bio with the caption “Indigo”. But now the bio has been changed to “To eternity”.

Before this change of RM, many people think that the era of Indigo is over and RM will prepare a new album called To enternity. This also means that this could be the last album before RM enlists in the army.

Because in a livestream, RM once revealed that he was preparing to produce another album, right after Indigo's debut. In an interview and his mini concert, RM once said that he wishes to leave ARMYs with a piece of music before or during his enlistment. So this album is supposed to be RM's goodbye to fans for 2 years.

There is also a lot of information spread by ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾an media that after Jin, RM will be the next to enlist. So any speculation is also possible.

ARMYs are currently very curious about this news:


- Is he getting ready to serve

- Do you guysremember in his live he taik about his on working for another album

- maybe 'to eternity' is the next album so Namu giving us a little spoiler?

- It has just started wdym it’s going nooo

- Does it mean the indigo era is finished?

- Why did I immediately think of blue & gray song, previously indigo was similar to blue, and now it's gray

- Is… is this mean that he’s gonna be the next member to be announced as an ambassador


- RM i write more than 50 song lyrics for you all. I hope you believe on me and talk with me.

- His bio also change " to eternity " it's hint or something?

- Wait you just realized me WAIT WAIT WAIT