RM Receives Praise For Deleting A Photo In Spain Because Of An Unexpected Reason

Since using Instagram, BTS members have continuously posted pictures of their daily lives as well as their work. And of course, none of the ARMYs can ignore any of BTS members' Instagram updates.

Therefore, even a small change on the members' Instagram accounts makes it easy for ARMYs to detect. Recently some ARMYs noticed the change in a post by RM on his Instagram.

They even discovered the real reason for this change and praised his flair:

RM is one of the most active and hardworking members on Instagram. Even so, there are times when he makes ARMYs nervous by making small changes to his account.

For example, he once deleted dozens of newsfeed posts or deleted posts related to a leaked location that he didn't want. But luckily whatever the change is, it's really lucky that he didn't go to the point of deleting his Instagram account like Jungkook did.

On the other hand, RM recently entertained ARMYs with a series of photos from his trip with his family in Europe. It is known that RM made this international trip with his family after attending Milan fashion week 2023.

This is also one of the rare posts that RM shares about his family and of course it immediately caught the eyes of ARMYs. Not only that, but RM continues to share pictures of himself with nature and other beautiful landscapes despite returning to ḳöŕệä today.

Although RM shared up to 3 posts during his trip to Barcelona, eagle-eyed ARMYs still did not ignore any changes. They discovered RM deleted part of his Instagram post.

Specifically, some ARMYs pointed out RM actually removed a photo from the “cortado” post, as seen above. Now there are nine images, instead of ten.

RM deleted this handsome selfie, and you might be wondering why. But when looking closely at the photo that was deleted by RM, fans discovered his good reason.

He actually has a very good reason for it because in the bottom left corner we can see the license plate. While license plates are public, it's still best not to post photos where they can be seen or blur them, as we've done below, to make them unreadable.


In some cases, many bad guys will use license plates to find information about the owner, which is an invasion of privacy. Perhaps RM realized this after uploading the photo and tried to delete it so as not to affect the person who αccídєntally entered his photo frame.

He has thought about the owner's feelings and this good deed deserves praise. RM has always been like that, a polite, warm and kind person.

But perhaps, it also comes from his own experience when a KORAIL employee violated his personal information and privacy for 3 years without knowing it.

Many ARMYs and netizens left comments for RM's action:


- polite prince namjoon as always

- the way namjoon is literally so polite

- no one's gonna ever top namjoon for being the most polite boy

- i’ve known this man for YEARS and i know how much of a gentleman he is… but oh my gosh?? joon is so sweet & polite

- He was a victim of personal information leak so he understands better than anyone

- He's always polite to anyone but people don't do that to him

- Respect Namjoon so much, his subtlety makes others learn

- I hope others treat Namjoon as politely as he treats others

- It makes me sobbing, he's such a thoughtful person