RM Forgets An Important Thing When He Posts A Photo With Jungkook But It Still Makes Fans Feel Adorable

From the moment he started training at вιg нιт to become an idol, Jungkook and RM had a special relationship. And for more than a decade, they've always supported each other in a way that makes many people feel jealous.

Recently, fans seem to go crazy over a rare photo between RM and Jungkook on RM's Instagram. It seems that this is a recent photo taken and their poses in the pictures look cool.

But what's even more remarkable is that RM posted this picture twice because the first time he posted it, he made an important mistake. However, fans think that RM's actions and reactions are adorable and admire the friendship of the two brothers.

If you are a longtime ARMY, you can't help but know Jungkook's love for RM as his "first love". The most famous anecdote about their friendship is when Jungkook joined вιg нιт music for his first crush - RM.

Before officially becoming a trainee and then debuting with BTS, Jungkook was invited by 7 famous companies. The surprising thing is that all the companies that have approached Jungkook are reputable companies with extensive relationships.

But just because of witnessing the moments that RM practiced in the practice room as well as his great performance, Jungkook decided to sign a contract and debut with BTS as it is now. He also affirmed that his choice has never been wrong and that RM is also "his first and last role model." Even Jungkook thought that if he didn't meet RM, he wouldn't be successful today.

That proves how special RM and Jungkook are. So, a few hours ago, when RM posted a Polaroid photo of himself with Jungkook, fans seemed to be going crazy over them.

There are a total of 3 frames where Jungkook and RM pose together in a naughty and lovely way. Fans can't help but sob because they understand how Jungkook feels when taking pictures with his "forever idol".

In it, there is a particular detail that fans pay attention to. It was RM who posted this Instagram Story twice. At first, he tagged Jungkook's fan's Instagram account in the confusion that it was his brother's account. Immediately after realizing that Jungkook deleted his Instagram account not too long ago, RM removed this story and replaced it with a similar one without tagging any other accounts.

Fans quickly recognized RM's humorous reaction to the situation but also found it to be a very cute act:

- Namjoon posted the story again because he tagged a fan account he forgot jungkook insta is deactivated 

- missin user jungkook.97 fr frrr :(

- I saw it too. My heart skipped a beat thinking JK was back on IG. i love them 

- His little one must be cracking up that he tagged a fan account

- Ah this IS why i love this man STAHP

- Soo jk left the ck event in a hurry to meet his crush?? Priorities babe

- That acc is gonna wake up to "rkive mentioned you on their story"

- sooo jungkook’s rushing frm the event fr a date with his crush?? yeah okay i get it baby

- Double kíll omg my boys

- He probably didn't know JK deleted his ig. Namjoon is so cute

- Oh y’all would be SICK of me! It would be my whole personality

- That account handler gonna be jumping up and down because of this notification. Hahahahahahaha!


- Jungkook left the Calvin Klein event early to go on a date with his Namjoon hyung… i CANT DO THIS ANYMORE OH MY GOD PLEASE AND LOOK AT HOW HAPPY JUNGKOOK IS WITH HIS HYUNG FUCKSBDSKDHDJDBD