“Rapper Girlfriend!” RM Is Trending On Korean Twitter For His “Girlfriend”… But There’s A Unexpected Plot Twist

Well, what other dating news is circulating on social media about RM this time? But it seems that the fan reaction is more amused and excited than ever before.

ARMYs are currently paying attention to the phrase "rapper girlfriend" trending on ḳöŕệän Twitter when it's tied to RM's name. Many people wonder who his girlfriend's identity is.

But when the truth was discovered, the fans burst into laughter and couldn't stop supporting this wonderful relationship. Discover the identity of RM's "rapper girlfriend" below:

The relationship status of BTS in general and RM, in particular, is always the number 1 topic of discussion among netizens. During the past time, there have been many dating rumors of BTS members.

In particular, RM seems to be the one who gets caught up in unfounded rumors the most. He was said to be dating the tycoon's mistress and was even rumored to have been married and had a child with a girl outside the industry.

And in the last few hours, it seems that RM's relationship status has become a hot topic again. On May 11, RM suddenly became a trend on ḳöŕệän social media sites, all because of his "girlfriend".

Many ARMYs are extremely surprised to see the phrase "래퍼여친" trending on ḳöŕệän Twitter. This phrase roughly translates to "Rapper's girlfriend".

Luckily, before fans got too worried, it looked like it was a far cry from what ARMYs expected from the tweets. There's been a big change to the plot this time around and it's well-founded.

Instead of any pictures of RM with "girlfriend", the phrase accompanies photos of RM with Jungkook posted not long ago by himself on his Instagram Story. It seems to have been taken while they were hanging out after Jungkook returned from Calvin Klein and BLACKPINK Jennie's new product launch party in Seoul yesterday.

It seems that fans in ḳöŕệä have enjoyed the two members' close interaction and their vibes in it, so the new posts are äṩṩociated with the phrase "rapper girlfriend". And the fact that Jungkook has long hair so ARMYs are also interested in this humor.

In the tweets of netizens, they could not hide their reaction to the photos, which incorporated this phrase. They look like a rock star rapper and his girlfriend.

After realizing what was trending, even international netizens couldn’t get over the trending hashtag. While light-hearted, it was definitely a random trending phrase that showed how much fans loved the photo.

- Rapper girlfriend is trending…

- jungkook never beating the rapper's girlfriend allegations

- He dipped the event after some photoshoot and went straight to hangout with his first love

- karmys were so right for this they had a vision

- he has already accepted it

- he is namjoon's gf i am convinced more and more every day

- Pretty sure he started them

- i was about to say

- Jungkookie in half ponytail with bangs, very girlfriend look thing on a date

- my favourite tweet on this bird app


- He makes sure that the allegations stay

- nation's babygirl and rapper's girlfriend jungkook congrats!!

- You know what.. armys aren't serious I swear

- FYI 래퍼여친 is a sk meme. It means the person is fancy and pretty. It is made bcuz among sk Rappers' girl friend, there are many beautiful women. Don't worry. This meme is quite famous in sk, so I think Jungkook knows it.

Of course, the topic of BTS members dating has always been a taboo topic, but the fact it was Jungkook was funny to ARMYs. In particular, considering he once revealed, “I ended up [at вιg нιт] because Rap Monster was so cool.”