Producer Pdogg Declares Jimin Is About To Shake The Industry, And ARMYs Aren’t Ready

All ARMYs know that Jimin is preparing for his upcoming solo debut. The closer to the solo album's release date, the more confused ARMYs are with the hints he gives through concept photos, interviews, and most recently, a teaser video.

All of them make fans go crazy and expect what they are feeling from the album FACE. But that wasn't all the excitement when the album's producer - Pdogg surprised ARMYs even more with his statement about it, showing just how big of a bang the album would be.

Here's what Pdogg - the producer of BTS and вιg нιт Music has to say about Jimin's new album.

For ARMYs who have been following BTS for a long time, they certainly cannot help but know the team of veteran producers of вιg нιт Music. They are the people who have been with the company and BTS since the very beginning.

On the other hand, talking about producers like "Hitman" Bang, Pdogg, Slow Rappid, Supreme Boi.... can be considered as the major contributors to the group's musical success. So far, it's been more than a decade that they've been with BTS.

More specifically, there is a name beloved by ARMYs, famous producer Pdogg - who has been with BTS since before they debuted. He helped discover leader RM after rapper Sleepy recommended RM's music to him.

Pdogg has been a constant figure in BIGHIT MUSIC (formerly вιg нιт Entertainment) since 2007, and has been described by BTS members as the "eighth member" of the group. Along with the members' talent for songwriting, production, and songwriting, Pdogg helped shape BTS' unique and globally recognized sound.

RM even wished more people knew about Pdogg and his talent: "…I wish that many people will know Pdogg’s name because as artists who perform and sing on stage, Pdogg has contributed the most to this. He is the root of BTS’s music as he has helped in finding the direction for most our title tracks and we hope that everyone will know this."

Meanwhile, when talking about BTS, Pdogg also praised the artists with whom he collaborated. He said, "I had seen many artists before getting to know BTS, but I had not seen an act that really loves music this much. Every single member has a pa̾s̾sion for music and they really work hard. Even I get motivated a lot by the group as it shows ceaseless efforts and makes great outputs."

But recently, the producer of BTS got even more attention from fans when making a fiery statement about Jimin's solo debut. He posted on Instagram a caption that said: "Park Jimin has completed establishing order for K-Pop 2023".

The declaration, which can also be interpreted as 2023 K-Pop is about to be ended by Jimin. This ignited ARMY's Twitter as fans couldn't contain their excitement at the promise of Jimin's amazing solo debut.

Because Pdogg is one of the producers that collaborated with Jimin on this album, he understands what Jimin has to offer. Not only that, from the point of view of a prestigious music producer with many prestigious awards, Pdogg certainly has an unbiased a̾s̾sessment of Jimin's music.

Jimin has captivated fans with his duality and insane talent through what has been released so far, and BTS' regular producer has recently raised fans' excitement. fan by a promise on his Instagram story. Now what ARMYs can do is keep talking about it and counting down to its release:

- no wonder pdogg said jimin will end kpop in 2023 bc why is my heart beating so fast over just few seconds

- everyone who has worked with jimin for face are so excited and proud of his debut as a soloist. pdogg saying jimin will end 2023 kpop. a dancer of set me free pt. 2 said "the king is coming." everybody knows the power park jimin holds.

- Ack I’m so excited!!!!

- like pdogg did not lie when he said park jimin will end kpop in 2023 like that man did not come to play i fear

- i mean the last time he opened his mouth was when he said that on the street will be legendary and that song is on my playlist 24/7 so i really can't waittt

- If pdogg say's something... Mark his words he never lies

- And hearing this frm pddog !!! I'm in fear !!!

- nobody is ready for THE park jimin and indeed, kpop will be ended by THE park jimin

- “Kpop will be ended by park jimin in 2023” Y’ALL@)’&!&



- Pdogg stating Jimin is about to end kpop is serious business. I’m scared, I’m afraid, I’m shaking but above all, I am ready to be obliterated by the park Jimin BRING IT! STEP ON MY NECK

- I feel like we’re all going to experience Food W@rs reactions! (Google that at your own risk

- I just know those d@mn high notes are in it and we are Not ready!

- “Kpop will be ended by park jimin in 2023” i’m in

The official music video for the pre-release track will premiere on March 17 at 1 p.m. KST.