K-media Reveals All BTS Members Will Come To Send Off Jin When He Enlists

A few hours ago, Korean media made an official announcement about Jin's enlistment on December 13. Revolving around this topic, the Korean media has released a lot of information regarding the enlistment date and time as well as the location where Jin will enlist.

Besides, Korean media recently reported that the army is working with Jin's management company to prepare for his enlistment date because BTS is a special case of artists. As revealed by Korean media, Jin's enlistment will have the special presence of BTS members.

At this news, ARMYs couldn't hold back their emotions:

So on December 13, Jin will officially go to the army to serve the country. He will is set to enter the boot camp of a front-line Army division in Yeoncheon, 60 kilometers north of the capital before being deployed to the front-line unit. In here, Jin will undergo a five-week training program and will not be allowed to use mobile phone or meet his family. 


Jin's enlistment is the first step in the process of completing the enlistment of BTS members. The group is expected to reunite in 2025 when the members complete their military service.

With Jin's enlistment on December 13, Korean media predicts that there will be a lot of ARMYs, fans as well as media present at Yeoncheon training center to send off Jin. Besides, according to military authorities, the members have currently expressed that they want to support by joining Jin to the area that day.

On that day, in response to concerns about fans and those who will enIist might get mixed up and this might cause accidentally so they are cooperating with BTS's agency for the plans and routes. Military and local officials also requested cooperation from fans and journalists in maintaining order and protecting the safety of all participants.


Facing the above information, ARMYs were extremely touched by the support of all members when Jin enlisted in the army. Imagining the image of Jin's 6 younger brothers waving goodbye to him and seeing him again after 2 years, ARMYs couldn't stop crying:

- Am so touched by BTS members’ show of support for Jin!! Their hearts are where Hyung Jin’s is. Praying for Jin’s safety and the rest of the members’, too!!

- I hope there won't be media coverage if Jin wants to enter his service quietly. I also hope BH or the media respects how he want it to be. He must have the final say.

- Yes, please ARMY refrain from showing up at the base. The only people that should be there is BTS, his family, close friends and any authorities and personnel. It’s going to be hard, but let’s not stress Jin out by making him worry about ARMY getting hurt.

- This moment will be so emotional I don't want this but i know I have to support him


- They better let them cuz that's family!

- Members are going to see him off

- Considerate to accompany Seokjin, but heart breaking to break the seven apart.

- I love this family so much

- I don't want to see this scene, it will be so hurtful 

- He left his younger brothers first and they will follow him next