Jungkook's Answer To The Question Of Whether He Was Punished By HYBE Made ARMYs Crazy

It seems that these days Jungkook is very active on social media to make up for his previous absences. Tonight, Jungkook continued to make ARMYs riot by appearing on Weverse Live and spending time with ARMYs.

Jungkook's appearance in the evening made many ARMYs feel surprised and excited. It continues to be a surprise livestream and many even suspect that Jungkook hasn't informed the staff about this. But Jungkook then gave a convincing answer that reαѕѕured ARMYs with his livestream.

Below is Jungkook's answer to those wondering if he was reprimanded for his spontaneous livestreaming.

If you've been watching BTS for a long time or following Kpop idols, you know that most of the artists' livestreams are supervised or supported by the staff of the management company. This is to help avoid bad situations such as performing inappropriately or saying things that should not be said like livestream.

Previously, there were many situations where idols were in a drunken state or said negative things on livestreams. Therefore, many companies including вιg нιт Music are very strict about conducting livestreams or using alcohol while talking to fans.

But it seems like Jungkook is an exception as he recently did a livestream without informing the management company. Not only that, but he also drank beer on his own livestream and this surprised many people, including BTS members.

Specifically, 2 days ago, Jungkook did a surprise livestream in the middle of the night and it lasted 4 hours. This live stream was done randomly because Jungkook said that he missed ARMYs after a long time without interacting with them. He also knew that he would be reprimanded when he did the livestream but didn't notify the company in advance even though it was a rule, but because he missed ARMYs so much, he couldn't wait.

Jungkook then spent 4 hours chatting with ARMYs and dedicated more than 40 songs of his mini concert to fans. And because he was happy, Jungkook drank some beer while singing. Many people then were curious about the reaction of the staff and the company when they saw him doing this in the night.

But today, when he returned with another u̾n̾e̾x̾p̾e̾c̾t̾e̾d ̾ livestream a few hours ago, Jungkook helped ARMYs answer this question. Jungkook suddenly went to Weverse and watched the movie while eating fried rice and drinking beer with ARMYs.

He did a livestream right after finishing a record livestream 4 hours earlier. But Jungkook is still excited and even excited to show ARMYs his delicious fried chicken dinner.

When an ARMY asked Jungkook if he would get scolded by the company for doing this (livestream) again. Jungkook was very confident and gave his affirmative answer that there was no way he would be scolded because he is already a senior idol in the industry.

He said that: "Was I scolded by the company? Ay no (I have been an idol for) so many years already why would I be scolded. But in the groupchat they (members) told me not to do a live while drinking. However, I'm a man who doesn't give up "Hello I'm Jungkook"".

Even knowing that Jungkook was drinking beer during the livestream, the BTS members were very worried that he would get drunk and say somєthing he shouldn't, but Jungkook insisted that he wouldn't let himself get drunk and do these things. such thing. He says that drinking beer has been the joy of his life and proves that he is a man of bravery.

Indeed, Jungkook showed his maturity mixed with his childlike cuteness with these words! ARMYs were super excited and funny when they heard it:

- Nah he's actually hilarious ... the minute he got scolded the plans were already in motion for him to do it again

- He is getting scolded by his hyungs again

- Jin is surely proud with Jungkookie. Thats my baby I raised him well

- He's so funny jshdhjsk

- he's under jinhit company hahahahahha

- The groupchat must be on fire

- Probably missing Jin. Kniws he would support him lmao

- i am actually so madly in love with him

- He's like I'll do the live and drink if I want to. I respect it.

- Jin when he checks his phone later

- He's like I make my own rules