Jungkook Replies To ARMYs Who Ask Him To Stop Drinking On His Live Broadcast

Jungkook today once again delighted fans with his return to Weverse Live after a few days. Like before, Jungkook spent a few hours on Weverse Live talking to fans with his beers.

But this probably caught the attention of some ARMYs and they even commented with requests for Jungkook to stop drinking on his livestream. Upon discovering these comments, Jungkook gave his response while many other ARMYs were annoyed by the negative ARMYs' behavior towards an adult.

Here's what Jungkook responded to those who prevented him from drinking beer on his livestream:

When Jungkook first debuted, he was only 16 years old and it's no surprise that ARMYs grew up calling him the "Baby" of the group. However, over the years, Jungkook has grown and he He proves more and more the bravery of a real man.

With that, whether it's in concerts, schedules or just relaxing, Jungkook is in his mid-25s and it's no surprise that he wants to be treated like an adult, not a teenager like when he debuted. He also told ARMYs many times about respecting his privacy and preferences as a human being.

However, again in his latest Weverse Live, he had to remind some ARMYs to be aware of this. Specifically, the situation occurred during the livestream tonight with Jungkook's fans. This is a habit of his recent days as he often does Weverse Live late at night and lasts for many hours.

In addition, it also includes things that are indispensable in his livestream such as the galaxy lamp, music and even the familiar beer mugs. No wonder Jungkook drank and shared his wine choice today. When Jungkook started broadcasting, he explained that he was drinking highball.

Jungkook, like many ḳöŕệäns, has a hobby and pa̾s̾sion for alcoholic beverages. And of course, he's also mature enough to be allowed to drink it like a normal person.

But there are some ARMYs who seem to be too strict and carry the mentality of treating Jungkook like a child. They started complaining about Jungkook drinking and asked him to give it up during live broadcasts. This group of people even kept reminding Jungkook to stop drinking and some made even more weird requests, that Jungkook should speak English.

Although, in a positive light, it may be to show that they care about him, but many other fans consider that to be over the line a fan should have. Especially when many people ask their idols to speak in English.

It seems like Jungkook doesn't like those comments either and he's not afraid to criticize fans for being negative. After reading comments saying, “Stop drinking” or "Don't drink", Jungkook shared his own thoughts, explaining that he has grown up.

Jungkook expressed: "Ah, why are you guys telling me to stop drinking? I’m a grown adult, and I’m 27. I’m enjoying it while I’m still young."

The idol then went on to explain that it was his choice and that he wanted to enjoy life. He added that if he knew he could be reborn as he is, he wouldn't do it.

He continued: "You only live once. If I am born again as… If I’m guaranteed a second life, I wouldn’t do this."

Jungkook was really outspoken and showed his point of view on what some people are trying to complicate. ARMYs also love this character of Jungkook as he is never afraid to criticize his fans if he thinks they are wrong. In a previous broadcast, he even called out the names of those who had participated in his own schedule:


- Honestly I don't like alcohol but he is adult let him be the way he wannabe

- Do whatever you want! Fans should know their limits! Do everything that makes you happy!! Literally none should interfere

- Tell them jk, tell them!




- Well there u have it

- i need to smack this b̾i̾t̾c̾h ̾ B1TCH SHUT THE F*CK UP

Although Jungkook may be the maknae in BTS, he is still an adult and can make his own choices. After reading the comments, he was very honest with his fans, showing how much he cares about ARMYs and just wants to be respected. Therefore, hopefully others will also notice their own limits and show respect for Jungkook.