Jungkook Is Praised A Lot By The Locals For Cultural Element Used In His World Cup Song “Dreamers”

Jungkook proved himself to be a true global icon by making history at the opening ceremony of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. He not only displayed impressive talent, but also showed his high professionalism, when he met him. There must have been an unexpected technical problem in the middle of the performance.

Even so, Jungkook still delivered a perfect performance, making fans flutter with his vocals, looks, and dance moves. Jungkook has proven that BTS members' solo debuts are on another level.

Not only that, even after the performance ended, Jungkook received a lot of praise when an ARMY explained the true meaning behind the background vocals in his song “Dreamers.” Dreamers is really a great and meaningful song by Jungkook for the 2022 World Cup.

In the past few days, the media has given a lot of praise and honor to Jungkook's performance at the 2022 World Cup with the song Dreamers. In addition to bringing a song with a World Cup sound and a strong fighting spirit, some Qatari ARMYs also said that the song "Dreamers" by Jungkook and Qatari artist Fahad Al Kubaisi also contains elements of the country's culture. 

The cultural and spiritual origin story of Qatar in Dreamers started going viral when a Twitter user with the id @jiminieepaws explained the background vocals of “Dreamers”. As far as these ARMYs find out, it's rooted in the sailing culture of the Persian Gulf, including Qatar.

According to @jiminieepaws, historically, sailors on merchant ships had very specific roles within their crew, such as diving for pearls. Seeing as the sailors’ job was extremely wearying, one of these roles belonged to the crew member in charge of raising their spirits.

The user explained that: "For example, [alnokhitha - النوخذة] is the leader, [alghais - الغيص] is the one diving to take off pearls, [alseeb - السيب] is the one lifting [alghais] back up to the ship. One of the people on the ships is called [alnahham - النهّام], he’s the one responsible for singing/entertaining the sailors since theyre working almost all day for months."

Thus, the melody heard in "Dreamers" is derived from those used to cheer the sailors, drawn from the musical genre called "hdadi."

Specificially, "The intro part that goes “ala ho la dan” is one of the tunes [alnahham] used to sing to the sailors to cheer them up and lift their spirits. the words in [dreamers] have no literal meaning, its just a melody. This genre of music is called “hdadi - حدادي” and this specific song is called “mkhalif eldan - مخالف الدان”, here’s how it sounds like, performed by two different groups from two different gulf countries.

They use locally made drums & pottery vases (?) that they used to store the pearls inside. the video below is another example of how the drums sounds like.", the user wrote next.

User @jiminieepaws expressed their sincere appreciation for injecting local culture into Jungkook's song and making it boldly Qatari nationalistic. Not only that, many people also praised the research as well as the way Jungkook made the performance both thrilling and suitable for the culture of Qatar - a Muslim country with a too strict culture:

- hope this was educational. having such a cultural and traditional tune in a jungkook song is truly amazing, im beyond happy

- We are proud of our culture and jungkook for exploring it.

- My mom commented it felt a lot like the movie Dune with the incredible atmosphere. 

- Make the song even more meaningful

- This was very educational, it's given me a better appreciation of the song

- Jungkook is the most telented artist in this world

- Respect, oh yeah

Moreover, @jiminieepaws also gave more the cultural roots of the opening act of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, including the context for the stage of Jungkook: "We saw many people ask about the woman singing in the beginning of the ceremony as well. Here is some context behind this form of tradition/art in our culture.  A small thread: the song that was performed in the opening ceremony of 2022 world cup is called ”ya sajja - يا صاجة”. following the thread that I posted, wives/sisters/mothers of the sailors sing this song when sailors are late & havent arrived yet; wishing them safety.

Some of the lyrics goes like:
“oh how pretty are the wooden ships when they stop at the shore
full of boys pulling the oars
oh nokhitha [the leader of the ship] dont go hard on them
as the diving rope had already cut their hands
i wish i was an ointment and heal their pain”

As the diving rope had already cut their hands, here’s a visualization of of how ropes would cut their hands, as it wasn’t an easy job and required a-lot of strength.

Here’s a video example of the type of singing, this is also common in the other gulf countries mentioned earlier in the previous threat. Our mothers showed gratitude and support towards their husbands during the sailing seasons. It was a an unsettling period for them."

After all, Dreamers is a resonance between the World Cup and the host country's own culture. From the lyrics to the melody, it's all perfect and has been enchanted by Jungkook to capture the hearts of all the fans around the world.

Jungkook really went above and beyond to not only deliver a beautiful performance but also create a poignant song!