Jungkook Expresses His Fear After Being Chased By Sasaeng Fans And Meeting In Person At The Gym

Jungkook just did a late night livestream and as usual, he turned on the music, enjoyed the atmosphere with the fans and sang a bit. It makes ARMYs extremely happy because Jungkook is living a life of his own and sharing it with his fans.

However, there was one thing at the end of the livestream that left fans heartbroken when Jungkook shared soṃệẗḧing he's been up to recently. It's having some fans or perhaps, ARMYs who know better than the sasaeng fans that chased Jungkook all the way to his gym.

Jungkook then also expressed his wish that the matter stop at that day and not go any further:

When it comes to the fact that some negative, unconscious or sasaeng fans annoy the members of BTS, it's not unusual. However, these things have recently become an issue that makes many ARMYs concerned about the privacy and lives of the members.

After the news that RM was extracted information by a subway employee for 3 years, now the news about Jungkook being chased by some ARMYs or more specifically sasaeng fans to his gym. made the fans extremely angry. This is what Jungkook shared via his latest livestream.

Jungkook recently did a livestream with fans on Weverse Live. He was said to have done it after being spotted accompanying V to the musical performance of Park Hyo Shin - V's close friend.

As usual, Jungkook listened to music, sang, and chatted with fans for a while. Near the end of the broadcast, after Jungkook had had some beer, he began to sit down and confide in ARMYs about some of the scary things that have happened to him the past few days.

Jungkook hesitates to talk about the issue but he still thinks it's soṃệẗḧing that needs to be known and should be resolved immediately in front of all ARMYs. That is, some fans have come to the place where he works out at the gym to wait and take pictures and meet him.

He was even surprised because they knew his address and schedule even though he didn't make it public. And it was a very long time until this happened again. Although Jungkook is polite to say that he is happy to meet ARMYs, the actions of some such fans are wrong.

He said with the obsession as the stalking story continued happening: "I wasn't gonna say this but... I'm so thankful for people supporting me and having interest in me. I really am. But please don't come find me when I'm working out, I was so surprised last time. 

I was about to go home but there were people outside (the gym). It wasn't an official schedule so... that's right, I'm drunk. That's why I'm talking about things like this.

There's certain things ARMYs and BTS promise to each other. It really was the first time in a while seeing ARMYs, of course I'm grateful but looking at it overall it's not a good thing to do (to follow him to the gym).

I appreciate the feeling of wanting to come see me but... anyways I was so surprised that time, I was about to go home and then I was like huh?

I know, I know I'm drunk. I turn on a live when I think of ARMYs when I'm at home or eating or working out, but when you come find me... that's not right. When would I talk about things like this? If it was in the past I wouldn't have been able to talk about things like this but it's been a while since we debuted and we know so much about each other, I'm a human too".

Meanwhile, ARMYs firmly believe that the people who show up at Jungkook's gym are sasaeng fans. Earlier, ARMYs discovered that a suspected fanatic was following Jungkook and revealed his private life continuously on social media.

Many fans were extremely surprised to realize that this person had followed Jungkook to many places, even filming and distributing his videos for no reason. Not only that, this person also claimed to know a lot of Jungkook's private life, including who he is dating.

This girl also claims to be a professional hacker and other fans need her because she knows a lot about Jungkook. She even contacted other sasaeng fans to gather information and pictures about Jungkook's daily life.

After witnessing the leaked videos and images of this girl and discovering that the person in the video was Jungkook, ARMYs were extremely angry and frustrated at this person's actions. Realizing the matter is extremely urgent and serious, many ARMYs have informed вιg нιт, proposing to investigate and sue this girl for Jungkook's invasion of privacy to avoid serious consequences.

However, it was unbelievable that this person came to see or even sold Jungkook's schedule information to others so that they would bother him to the point that he had to go live and beg them not to. with him again. Currently, ARMYs are very upset and worried about Jungkook after his sharing:

- this is breaking my heart that he needs to remind us that he is fking human like us who have some personal space!

- So sad that he even has to ask these things

- "I'm a human too". This line make me crying so badly. Please ARMYS, knows your boundaries. Please don't stalk him again. RESPECT HIS PRIVACY. Please do the same to other members to

- PLEASE EVERYONE TREAT BTS AS HUMANS. I’m so tired of people invading their privacy and stealing their information

- And this is breaking my heart that he needs to remind us that he is human like us who need some personal space ... I am soo disappointed

- he shouldn’t even have to say this, it should be a given! respect them !!

- Oh my heart нυятs

- D@mn I feel so bad ! He went out and talked about how it made him feel ! We should respect that ! Like he's already his best giving us sm of his time doing going live and all ! Let him have a normal life outside of all of this !!

- this industry s*cks but im so glad he could speak openly now abt what makes him uncomfortable he always had a right to! this is breaking my heart :(((

- im so glad he feels comfortable speaking to us about this, the last line broke my heart why can’t people respect him it’s basic human rights.. he’s entitled to having at least 5% of his life private

- he must have been so frustrated and heartbroken it must be so difficult for him to address this too but i am glad he did :(

- that made me mad:( jungkook doesnt deserve this at all:( hes so precious:(

- i would be so scared if I was him like imagine you trying to enjoy your time and people just stalking you:(