Jin Has Called V Recently And Shared His Situation In The ARMY

In fact, BTS and ARMY all over the world have pa̾s̾sed another new year together. But for кσяєαn culture, now is their Lunar New Year.

Therefore, the members spent a lot of time with family and friends to enjoy the transition between the old year and the new year. While some have just returned from overseas schedules and Jin is active in the army.

Most recently, one of the family members - V opened a short Weverse Live to share his holiday. At the same time, through that, he also revealed some news from Jin, who is being eagerly awaited by ARMYs:

On the occasion of the last new year, ARMYs received many meaningful wishes from BTS members, including Jin, through their New Year greeting video. However, the family of some members this year still hasn't had their son at home.

Partly because j-hope, SUGA, and JImin are all scheduled to attend fashion shows as well as other overseas schedules, so they can't come back to celebrate Lunar New Year. Meanwhile, Jin is serving in the army and can't go home. The rest of V, RM and Jungkook seem to have fully enjoyed this holiday.

This was shared by V in his latest Weverse Live. V went on Weverse Live within minutes to talk to ARMYs after playing the game with friends. He said that Jungkook was also at his house at the time.

But in Weverse Live, V also expressed a nostalgia that normally when he's livestreaming, Jin would drop by and leave comments. He said that: "Usually around this point, Jin hyung would come and leave a comment saying 'hiyo !' or.. 'vuh’"

But now because Jin is in the army he can't do that. Even so, Jin still works hard and tries to call the BTS members as often as possible. He told that: "He's been working hard and doing well there, he contacted me (and us) recently"

Not only that, V also revealed that Jin called him recently, apparently to ask about V's situation and what he's been up to lately. It also falls on New Year's Eve, so this call from Jin made ARMYs and V even more rea̾s̾sured.

Previously, in j-hope's Weverse Live, he also shared that when performing at the countdown in the US, he also received the biggest New Year's gift from his brother. j-hope said:"Jin hyung our oldest hyung went to the military, actually yesterday at night I got a message from him saying j-hooope answer my call~ and I was like I didn't know it was your numberrrr and it was so nice to hear his voice".

j-hope also said, "I think he's (Jin) doing well so I was really relieved".. Through both V and j-hope's stories, it can be seen that Jin is doing a great job and he also has special times when he is allowed to contact family and friends.

This also makes the members more interested and rea̾s̾sured about the eldest brother's military life. After hearing these comments, many ARMYs were moved:

- he came on live for less than 5 minutes and still managed to bring up Jinnie

- We have the same feelings, we miss Jin hyung :(

- my hardworking boy

- separating jin hyung and his voo is a crime

- Taejin best and handsome brother duo ever. Voo and jjwan

- Kim seokjin always makes us proud. Voo and Jwan

- they all miss him so much :(