Jimin Could Be The Prince Of Snow White As The Director Of The Film Chooses Him As The Ideal Actor

In recent times, BTS members have tried many different fields from music, fashion to participating in reality shows. This makes fans very excited and looking forward to more projects done by the members.

In particular, recently, Jimin is being noticed when a Disney director is eager to have him in his movie adaptation. Many ARMYs are eagerly hoping that Jimin will find out about this and consider becoming the Prince of Disney because he's the perfect fit for the role.

Here's what ARMYs are looking forward to in Jimin's first role:

Some BTS members like Jin or V are no stranger to acting or movies. While V debuted in the drama "Hwarang", Jin is known for his background in film majoring at Konkuk University.

But Jimin seems to have less to do with acting. He only starred in mini-series for the group's game BTS World and in the music videos the group made. However, he and V did get into the MCU for the first time thanks to "Eternals," a movie where the song "Friends" appeared as part of the soundtrack.

Not only that, now he seems to be getting closer to Disney in particular and Hollywood in general as movie directors start to notice him. Specifically, Disney plans to make live-action of "Snow Whíte", one of the clαѕѕic characters of this studio and in the fairy world.

The studio has announced the selection of two main roles including The Evil Queen played by Gal Gadot and Rachel Zegler will play the princess. However, they are still looking for Prince Charming for Princess Snow Whíte.

There are many options and suggestions given to the crew. Among the rumors, Harry Styles stands out and could take on the role. But one suggestion that caught a lot of attention was Jimin from BTS, who even seemed to have been chosen as the ideal actor to portray the character.

According to an article by Fandom Spotlite, the Disney film's director talked about the project, which is set to shoot in 2022, and talked about the actors who could be part of the cast. In it, Fandom Spotlite expressed his wish to have Jimin appear in the film's cast. He said, "Now, all we need is BTS' Jimin to be Prince Charming."

And this makes the fans extremely excited. Although it has already entered 2023, the project is still being planned, so many people still expect that Jimin - who is promoting solo activities can participate in the film. Fans hope that the film's director can do everything to ensure that Jimin becomes the Prince of Snow Whíte as none other than him is a better fit for this image.

This is not the first time Jimin has been considered for a Disney character. In the past, fans have petitioned him to be Eric for the live-action "The Little Mermaid" because of his suitability in both visual and aura. Jimin is really handsome like a prince coming from a manga. 

Although knowing his busy schedule will be difficult to arrange, there is still hope that one day they will see Jimin return to his rightful role of Prince!