Jimin And j-hope Gain Attention For Their Interactions After Shocking ARMYs By Attending DIOR’s Paris Fashion Show Together

Jimin and j-hope are currently in ̾f̾r̾a̾n̾c̾e ̾ to attend Paris fashion week. This is the first time two BTS members have appeared at an event but as solo artists, so this makes fans extremely excited.

Most especially, in Dior's show today, the two appeared together at the event. Of course, even though the two don't go together, they end up having close interactions that prove their true friendship.

Here's what Jimin and j-hope interacted with at Dior's fashion show in Paris:

A few days ago, both j-hope and Jimin departed from Incheon to go to Paris ̾f̾r̾a̾n̾c̾e ̾ to attend fashion week. Both were invited to attend by invitation and commercial contracts of different brands and did not start together. Therefore, many people think that it will be difficult to meet BTS in this schedule.

However, in contrast to this, today both j-hope and Jimin appeared at Dior's fashion event. While Jimin attended the fashion show for the first time as a Dior global ambαssador, j-hope was invited to attend as a celebrity guest. ARMYs couldn't contain their excitement when they received this announcement.

It was known in advance that just one BTS member appearing was enough to make Paris go crazy like in June, V went to CELINE's show. And now of course, if one BTS member wasn't enough, the two of you have definitely brought the internet into crisis.

Just before the Dior show was scheduled to begin, j-hope and Jimin shσcked fans by appearing in a viral video on Twitter of them sitting together on the front row of the show. This is considered the most solemn row of seats for the guests of honor and it shows how famous and clαssy the two BTS members are.

So when both idols stepped in and really made the event their own personal concert. ARMYs also feel extremely lucky to be able to watch videos of the two taking pictures together in front of the press and having interesting stories with the interviewers.

Arriving at the venue, although each member expresses their own individuality through their own fashion sense, they both have one thing in common that makes everyone around them look at them. The combination of Jimin and j-hope is so harmonious that all the guests find it interesting when the two laugh together.

In particular, in a video of the two interacting with ḳöŕệän store W ḳöŕệä, they were very playful when j-hope pretended to ḧïẗ Jimin. The two seemed more relaxed as the cameraman joked, “You have to do this, I heard it’s first come, first serve.”

In another video where the press is filming two BTS members just talking to each other, the smiles on their faces are natural, and they look more comfortable knowing they're together. It seems that the presence of one member next to another helps the other feel much more secure and confident than when attending alone.

Considering this is Jimin's first time attending a fashion show alone, it's reαssuring to have j-hope by his side. The two have always had a close friendship and ARMYs love seeing their interactions at such a big global event.