How Much Pressure And Responsibility Jin Must Bear To Become Ceremony Commaner According To A Former Commander

Jin successfully completed the basic military training as the captain of the rookie squad. Currently, Jin is continuing to perform his military service as a rookie teaching αssistant at his own training unit.

The image of Jin with strength when taking on the role of leader of the trainees in that ceremony made ARMYs extremely impressed. However, that job is not as easy as imagined and not everyone can be responsible for this responsibility.

Below is the sharing of a former commander who used to hold the same role as Jin in the military. Through his sharing, we can understand more interesting things about Jin's life in the military.

As all ARMYs know that on the 18th of this month, Jin was present at the completion ceremony of the rookie training course of the 5th Infantry Division, held in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province (кσяєα). He was honored to stand at the position of commanding officer to perform the ceremony, officially graduating from the rookie training course.

In addition, during the rookie training course, Jin was chosen to be the captain of the rookie company, thanks to his exemplary qualities and manners during the training period. Rookie Company Captain is a title chosen by the recruits, receiving the task of conveying the orders of the officers to the company and greeting the commander on behalf of the company during roll call.

Following Jin's active training, he was retained in the previous unit as a teaching αssistant to train the next recruits. It is known that Jin applied for the position of αssistant and was selected thanks to his excellent achievements in the training process such as: ceremonial αssessment, command and interview.

The updated information and images of Jin in the army help fans feel secure and proud when they see the male idol integrate and develop well in the military environment. But the story of becoming a commander of 200 trainees is not as easy as we think. To get this responsibility and honorable position, Jin had to go through a lot of difficulties.

Therefore, after seeing some comments saying that Jin was accepted for this position because he was a member of a famous group, an ex-‘trainee graduation commander’s spoke up about how to get this position. He said that not everyone can take the position.

Specifically, he shared: "That role isn't something anyone can just jump in to do. It takes real guts to assume (the responsibility). Aside from routine individual training, you have to spare extra time to frequently work on ceremony order and close-order drill for ceremony commander separately. If you don't do well, you'll be criticized. Even if you ace it, you are still under a lot of pressure."

Not only that, Jin's position also requires a bravery as well as high responsibility. He detailed in a flashback about his process as commander: "Particularly, you are reporting in front of hundreds of people including top rank military generals as the face of graduating class, representing the group spirit. I’m telling you, it’s really an important position. As I recall those moments even now, it’s a job that takes a hug responsibility. FYI, they don’t just hand it out to anyone".

Finally, he αsserts that: "You can’t dare apply unless you have duly qualified for it from having a good vocal quality to solid close-order drill posture. During my days, assistant instructors will go around each barrack quarter to check on individual trainee’s voice and close-order drill practice meticulously.

I know as a fact that Jin was selected not because he is BTS or due to his popularity but beocs he is rightfully qualified for the job..You also have to do a ceremony run-through so many times in advance that your voice is almost gone after the ceremony is over. He's such a hard working one. Only people who went through like me knows the level of pressure and immense challenge of that role."

Through this narrative, we fully understand that Jin being a K-pop superstar has absolutely no impact on his military life. That is also what was previously confirmed by the military officers where Jin trained.

Even if it's hard for an ordinary person to excel like him, Jin has to work even harder to show his best and show others his positive influence. BTS. Really, more than proud of Jin!