Find Out The Identity Of Person Threatening To Reveal Jungkook's Address, Phone Number And Private Video

The information that fans are obsessed with Jungkook in the past few days has made ARMYs extremely confused. It is known that this person constantly threatened to come and disturb Jungkook while he was livestreaming or calling his phone number.

Along with that, in the context of Jungkok revealing that he was chased by many fans to the gym and other places, it made ARMYs even more uncomfortable with the behavior of this sasaeng fan. Many people have been trying to track down and personal information of the person behind the Instagram account that is said to follow Jungkook. Finally, some ARMYs also discovered the identity truth behind it.

The incident that is causing a stir in the fandom is as follows:

Referring to Kpop sasaeng fans, fans who are crazy with crazy actions to harαss idols are no stranger. It seems like any artist, of course, including BTS, has to go through the uncomfortable situations that these types of fans bring.

In particular, recently Jungkook even alarmed ARMYs about his special condition when he discovered that many fans come to the gym and shoot videos while it is not a public schedule. This made him feel very uncomfortable and tired.

Meanwhile, the sasaeng fans are still showing off their achievements after stalking Jungkook, it even includes private videos in front of the gym (which we don't upload here because we don't want to spread private video of Jungkook filmed by the toxic fans). Even after Jungkook condemned the actions of the sasaeng fans who followed him, this person continued to post other stories that indicated that he would go to Jungkook's house because she was only 15 minutes away or called Jungkook while he was on livestream because she has his phone number...

These frantic actions made many ARMYs feel uncomfortable and sick. Many ARMYs have submitted a report to Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ Music about this person, but at the same time, they are also looking for some way to approach and investigate information from her to provide Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ with information about the real person behind that account.

And fortunately, by looking up the IP address as well as through long conversations, one ARMY discovered the whole thing. Through the post titled "RIGKJ_HOLL EXPOSING THREAD (a long thread)",  an ARMY shared all the information she got from this person and she is actually just a kid who wants to attract attention by spreading acquisitions from sasaeng fans only.

Specific articles are as follows from @iaerav:

"First of all, her real name is ibtihal Iam not sure about her age but she is about 16 y.o or younger. She is alegrian/french who lives in alegria and she lived in france for a long time. Her pic:

She is not korean as i said she is alegrian. She started by that acc @/gurumiihariibo. Since that rum0r she started to try to get attention by spreading fake info, saying that she is that person. But suddenly she changed her narrative to say that she is a person WHO WORKS with that person. 

When I tried to get some infos from her, she kept saying “ no I can’t, she will doxx me , she is very dαngєrous, she has nud3s of me “. Then she said i will commit su!c!de. 

After few hours she said “ iam okay but my neck and legs are broken “ since she su!c!ded by throw!ng herself from a high floor as she says however she was still active and totally okay and crying everywhere And said that she came back home just after few hours of throw!ng herself.

I kept trying to get info from her so hard but she was always changing the topic And when she finally sent a thing, she sent an iphone edit with that person threatening her. Which is clearly edited. She said she will send more but yk she didn’t.


Then i told her I won’t share anything about her “since she was also trying to get attention as now but now she is getting worser than ever “. And she apologized and everything. Then she came back to clout chasing. Then she opened her recent acc “ @/rigkj_holl “ But its username was “@/eio_taekook” at the beginning then she changed it to “@/rigkj_holl”. And she posted a story about it and said everyone go to follow me there iam a sasaeng and bla bla bla.

And started to claim that she is a vip person ,korean and rich. As well denying that she is arab(alegrian). Saying that she knows nothing about her arab side and no one taught her how to speak Arabic tho she understands what Iam saying very well and responding too. As she thinks that her life is a novel.

Now the story of these ss with her” the one with her voice record and her talking in arabic” I saw that she posted vids about. So i knew that she came back to her sh!t so i sent her info and threatened her that if she will continue to spread wrong informations i will post everything about her. She was reading everything since the beginning. Then blocked me as you can see. And here are pics of here speaking Arabic very good. While she is denying her race.

Here is a proof that she is the owner of @/gurumiihariibo on instagram And some stories.

A voice record with HER VOICE admitted that she is a liar and wants attention. The translation of the first text “ i told you that you are alegrian and not a sasaeng but you kept denying “.

Another one her saying by her own tongue that she is algerian/french and other things.

Please most of you are fíghting over whos shipper is real, as well jkkrs antis taehyung thought that she is trying to protect taehyung while she was harαssing him too, her point is to gain followers and attention. Not to protect her fav. We are here to protect the boys"

ARMYs are still continuing to report this person to Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ Music so they can take action to prevent a similar situation from happening!