Dior Achieves All-Time Highest Stock In 31 Years After Announcing Jimin As Global Ambassador

The story of any brand mentioned by BTS or used by BTS and even if they are lucky enough to sign a commercial contract with them, become hot brands is not new. However, there are still many people doubting whether BTS as the representative of brands really has such a terrible impact?

Then look at the case of luxury brand Dior below and you will see what is called BTS Impact. Jmin even brought an unprecedented influence to this brand in the past 31 years.

Below are specific information about Jimin's influence on Dior just a few days after being announced as Global Ambαѕѕador:

On the 16th of this month, fashion house Dior revealed Jimin as their new global ambαѕѕador. The contract of Jimin and Dior has surprised many people as well as looking forward to what Jimin will show when combined with the world's leading luxury fashion brand.

In particular, Jimin's current title as Dior's global ambαѕѕador is the highest level of honor for an ambαѕѕador. Until now, Dior has only had one global ambαѕѕador in the Kpop world, BLACKPINK's Jisoo. With this, Jimin has become the first Asian man to be appointed as Dior's global ambαѕѕador, giving fans an important milestone to celebrate.

Not only that, right after Dior announced this news, Jimin showed the strong influence of the record holder in terms of personal brand value. Even Dior, a brand that has maintained its status as a luxury fashion house for decades, saw a leap in their brand value when partnering with Jimin.

Specifically, recently, according to data from investing.com, Dior achieved an all-time high after Jimin was announced as its newest brand ambαѕѕador. It is known that this high-end fashion brand has been on the stock market since 1992.

On January 16, after announcing the news of Jimin's appointment as Global Ambαѕѕador, Dior's share price rose slightly to EUR 775.50 on the same day. However, by the trading session on January 18, the share value had increased and hít a peak of EUR 789.00, reaching an all-time high in 31 years. This is the highest share value that Dior can reach and it is even predicted to continue to increase thanks to effective communication campaigns with Jimin.

It is worth noting that the value of Dior's stock is also one of the high value stocks. In 2022, it was named the second most popular luxury brand in the world by Luxe Digital. To become such a prestigious brand, the Dior brand itself is a huge achievement and the whole world recognizes it.

But with the Global Ambαѕѕador contract, Jimin brought great value to the Dior contract. He has driven the maintenance and elevation of this premium brand. In just a few days, Jimin's all-time high stock value for Dior represents the beginning of this high-value collaboration. He is also the only ambαѕѕador capable of doing this for Dior after only 3 days of cooperation.

In general, BTS members are no strangers to promoting brand value. When Louis Vuitton signed the seven BTS members as brand ambαѕѕadors in 2021, they also achieved an all-time high on the stock market.

There are even myths that even if BTS is not an ambαѕѕador, a mere connection between a company and BTS has caused their sales to go up like crazy in the past. Now, each member is continuing to show the value of the brand's contract with BTS members. It will be interesting to see how much their star power can elevate the brand they represent!