Bang Si Hyuk Gets Real About The Legitimacy Of BTS’s “2025” Enlistment Return — Touches Upon The Members’ Contract Renewals

One of the biggest stories of 2022 was BTS‘s enlistment. While the government allowed the group to delay their service, the members shocked fans when they took matters into their own hands when Jin canceled his postponement.

When the members first shared that they would start enlisting, BIGHIT MUSIC was quick to clarify that the members hoped to reconvene in 2025 after all of the members had finished their enlistment. For many, it was reassurance that they wouldn’t have to wait too long.

Since then, Jin has enlisted and, after his training, has returned to social media and posted updates for ARMYs…

And J-Hope recently announced he had canceled his enlistment postponement and would be the next member to serve.

HYBE’s founder Bang Si Hyuk attended a debate forum hosted by the Kwanhun Club, where he spoke about everything from what happened with SM Entertainment to BTS.

In particular, it wasn’t surprising that the topic of BTS’s enlistment came up. When asked about the future of BTS, Bang Si Hyuk was quick to clear up any misunderstandings about the “2025” date.

"I said I hoped that the group would restart promotions in 2025, but please don’t misunderstand that year as the year they return, because you never know when it comes to enlistment issues."— Bang Si Hyuk

However, the HYBE founder didn’t completely disregard the promise made in the statement, adding, “It isn’t wishful thinking. BTS has agreed to work on returning in 2025.”

Along with the enlistment, Bang Si Hyuk spoke honestly about BTS’s contract renewal with the company, which is due to end in 2024.

While many might have tried to downplay the members re-signing and feign positivity, Bang Si Hyuk was honest and revealed that he didn’t want to predict anything, and it was up to the members.

"I’m careful to speak because contract negotiations with a group as big as BTS might have consequences in society. When it comes to their military issue, I think we can solve them within the term of the contract. Anything I say beyond this is overstepping my boundaries."— Bang Si Hyuk

As always, Bang Si Hyuk never makes firm promises and shows that he is leaving all the decisions to BTS while he is the company’s founder. With the members still doing their own activities, it seems like each enlistment and contract renewal news will be announced when needed.