ARMYs Worry About Namjoon When He Shares His Negative Feelings On SNS Recently

RM seems to be the member who works hardest to update his status on Instagram. He is also the one who always let ARMYs know about the things happening around his life right away.

But recently, one of his posts on Instagram made ARMYs feel both funny and a little worried about what happened to him. It's also not uncommon for RM to show his stress lately and ARMYs wonder what made him feel that way.

You will be surprised with what RM shared, but it is actually quite true:

In the previous year, RM was the leader in BTS when it came to posting pictures of his life and himself on Instagram. RM works hard to update what's going on in his daily life so that ARMYs can understand.

And of course, he always spends his free time going to exhibitions, sightseeing or enjoying some quiet time. That makes RM seem happier and he wants ARMYs to be able to see those great things too.

On his Instagram, RM also always shows his positive side as he often posts pictures showing his satisfied face as he gets to live his own life. RM is also known as a person who always inspires positive living as well as messages of love to others.

But of course, with human emotions, sometimes RM also has negative emotions and he wants to free himself from that. Sometimes it's going out and enjoying nature, sometimes it's the gym or even RM chooses to s̷w̷e̷a̷r̷.

Recently, RM posted a story on his Instagram and he shared that swearing reduces the pain in half. He seems to have used this ṃệẗḧod and found it to be effective for himself. He wrote: "Just s̷w̷e̷a̷r̷ing alone reduces the pain by around half."

This also makes ARMYs a little worried about RM's condition as it seems that there are some things that are not going well for him recently. Shortly before the new year, RM also shared some stories of "s̷w̷e̷a̷r̷ing" to relieve his pressure when he wrote it on wнιтeboards recording his gym.

There are also many funny moments recorded before when RM tried to do something many times but failed and he let out an unconscious s̷w̷e̷a̷r̷ word. For example, it makes others laugh because of his expressions like:

It's actually a very funny way to take the pressure off. Many ARMYs think that RM is most likely preparing for a new album so he has a lot of mental as well as physical pressure that he needs to relieve or get rid of. And this is not only useful for RM but also for some other ARMYs.

ARMYs left a lot of interesting comments like:

- me, everytime life gets hard: "bajingaaaaaaaan!" and feels better instantly

- This gesture of not shying away or accepting even the negative feelings is very comforting and assuring. It makes me feel less alone and alienated! Joon!! whatever it is, lets fight through! LESS BREAK THEM CHAINS LOOSE

- I'm shibal-ing half of the day. he's so real

- tell me who do i need to f*ght


- When he post this kind of stuff the only thing I want to do is ask him what can we do to comfort him

- He lately seems kinda sad and mad Idk why but something is disturbing him like his recent ig story's says alot

- Allow yourself to feel those emotions! It’s okay Namjoon

- joonie you can sw*ar with us. maybe it'll reduce it even more

- How come 90% of the people don't even know what has happened....

- Idk I feel glad that he can at least share this with us

- thats so true lmao, though i hope u feel better joonie