An SBS Production Team Staff Is Surprised At BTS's Global Popularity After An Unexpected Interview With A Restaurant Manager In Qatar

In the past hours, it is no exaggeration to say that Korean media and international media are circling the center of attention - Jungkook after his amazing performance at the opening ceremony of the Qatar World Cup. The impression of the performance made anyone recognize the talent and popularity of Jungkook in particular and BTS in general.

But perhaps, you do not know how much Jungkook is loved when appearing in Qatar. Even a member of the SBS production team was once again surprised at BTS' global popularity after a surprise interview with a restaurant employee in Qatar.

The story is becoming popular on a Korean online community, where people talk about Jungkook's influence on the event:

Jungkook completely made the World Cup 2022 award ceremony explode when performing an extremely exciting stage here. From the sound to the image, everything is perfected in the most subtle way, making even those who used to mock Jungkook's participation in the World Cup theme but also bow their heads in apology.

But to talk about the popularity and influence of Jungkook as well as BTS, it is necessary to tell the story that even a Korean who works in foreign media must be amazed because BTS appears wherever he goes. Specifically, on the Korean online community is spreading a story about the reaction of a shocked SBS employee when he accidentally had lunch at a restaurant in Qatar and was asked about BTS by the staff.

This is a member of SBS's production team working at the 2022 Qatar World Cup. While he was dining at a restaurant in Qatar, an unexpected event occurred that made him realize how popular BTS really is.

The post was titled, "Even a SBS production team member was shocked at BTS's popularity in Qatar. Loll." Here, this netizen explained the situation of the video that was posted.

Specifically: "A [SBS] production team member was eating, when a restaurant worker, who didn't know [she] was talking to a Korean broadcast team, asked them if they were Korean. They then talked about BTS, and she asked them if they know Jungkook is currently in Qatar. The production team member then asked if BTS is popular in Qatar, to which the worker stated that BTS is no joke."

Netizens then added screenshots from moments in the video, as shown below. The SBS production team member expressed surprise at BTS' huge influence around the world, as well as the group's unimaginable popularity.

It seems that anywhere in Qatar, they also talk about Jungkook's appearance here. Previously, Jungkook was also favored by the people of Qatar with the nickname "Aladin Prince" when sweeping every street in Qatar where he appeared with a crowd of cheers and support.

Netizens also expressed their amazement and pride at the reputation of Jungkook and BTS:

- "BTS is really responsible for letting Korea be known to the world."

- "This is so real... When I went to Los Angeles, a lot of foreigners asked me if I was Korean and when I said 'yes, I'm Korean', they asked me if I know BTS. LOLL."

- "But if you go overseas, everyone is like that for real. Lolll. Only people from our country [Korea] are like 'why them?!' but if you go overseas, everyone views BTS positively."

- When I went to Turkey last year, they talked about 'Squid Game' a lot."

- "Even foreigners who don't know Korean singers all know BTS. Seriously, BTS were made fun of for their group name when they debuted, but I am so happy they ended up well."

- "When I was eating in Spain, a couple sitting next to me talked to me first and asked me 'do you know BTS?' "

- "So proud."

- "The world is divided into before and after BTS.”

- "Don't send them to the army, please."