An ARMY Met Jimin And j-hope At Store In France And Her Respect Exchanged The Most Precious Gift From Two

Unexpected encounters between fans and idols always make other fans jealous. But it is always the most interesting story we want to hear.

These days, Paris seems to be filled with excitement not only by Fashion Week but also by the appearance of 2 global superstars – BTS j-hope and Jimin. Any fans, even non-fans, are curious about their appearance in this city.

Today, even one lucky ARMY got to meet and interact with both j-hope and Jimin even though she couldn't come see them at Fashion Week:

Wherever the BTS members appear, it is the center of the world's attention. And this week, Paris is the focus of the media - the place of Fashion Week events of world high fashion brands and honorable celebs like j-hope and Global Amba̾s̾sador like Jimin.

Ever since the first days j-hope and Jimin appeared here, there were many people waiting and cheering for them when they arrived at the show. The crowd was so big that one was amazed at the popularity and influence of BTS.

Because of this, many ARMYs in Paris took the opportunity to admire the beauty of Jimin, j-hope and support them. But among them, there is an ARMY who is still working hard in a souvenir shop in Paris and regrets not being able to come see their idol once.

That is the ARMY in the story below. She is an employee working at a souvenir shop in the city of Paris. Her shop sells many items that are typical of the city and fяαи¢є and for tourists who want to buy as souvenirs.

Due to the nature of the job and the requirements of the store owner, even when she heard about Jimin and j-hope attending Fashion Week in her city, she still couldn't come to see it. This ARMY once dreamed of being able to attend BTS' concert one day, but it seems that it will take at least 3 years for their concert to return.

Thinking of not being able to meet her idol, she was very sad and regretful. But she still has to work to earn money and can only see pictures of them on her phone.

But an üńệẍṗệċẗệď and fortunate thing happened to her that made her unable to imagine one day she would get this opportunity. That's when she was looking at the photos of Jimin and j-hope at the Dior show yesterday when two guests walked in with three tall men following.

She was stunned when she saw that j-hope and jimin had entered the store. Their appearance was like a dream and she could only hold her face, eyes wide with shσck and words like “WTF”, “OMG”, “Damn” in her head…

j-hope and jimin even said “hello” to her then they started looking at the decorations in the souvenir shop. She was still shσcked and looked at their backs. She tried to be as calm as possible but her eyes couldn't contain the happiness. Tears started rolling down her face.

This ARMY said that it was the happiest and most precious moment that she never thought of in her life even once. That's why she cried like that.

But that's not the end of the story. After looking at the store's decorations for a while, Jimin and j-hope chose 3 items including a sticker bag with signature details such as the French flag, Eiffel tower, and a watch with pendulum in vintage style along with a bra̾s̾s candle holder.

Accompanying them was a French-speaking bodyguard and he helped them pay for these items. That ARMY wiped her tears while paying for the souvenirs. When they noticed she was crying, Jimin and j-hope seemed to have said somєthing to the bodyguard and the bodyguard asked ARMY if she was okay?

Then that ARMY told the bodyguard that she was an ARMY and she was really shσcked when she saw j-hope and jimin coming here. When they heard the bodyguard interpret what she said, j-hope and Jimin were surprised and they were like easing a child and saying "Don't cry". j-hope even reached out and shook her hand, then Jimin did the same.

She really couldn't be more surprised and her heart seemed to skip a beat at the action. Finally, until now, she still can't believe she shook hands with j-hope and Jimin in such a situation. She also said that the two were very friendly even though they couldn't speak French, but still spoke a few simple words of English.

Truly, j-hope and jimin are the mood saviors of ARMYs. And today, she is the luckiest girl when they knock on the door!