An American Singer Offers To Collab With Jungkook After Knowing He Performed His Song On Weverse

Since BTS became famous until now, they have created a lot of super products after collaborating with many different artists. From domestic artists to Western artists, it makes all the fans admire.

Most especially, when BTS entered the period of individual activities, the collaboration of BTS members with other artists also increased. There have been a lot of productions made when BTS members collaborated with famous artists and they have always been loved.

Recently, an a̾m̾e̾r̾i̾c̾an artist once again offered to collaborate with Jungkook after learning that he had turned on his song on livestream. He's looking for ways to collaborate with Jungkook:

Looking at the current BTS fandom, many people will be amazed that there seems to be no limit to the fans. From young people to old people, ordinary people or even celebrities cannot escape the charm of BTS.

Over the years, many celebrities, especially US-UK artists, have publicly announced their fondness for the ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾an band BTS. Not only that, they also directly collaborate with the group, such as Halsey, Coldplay, Charlie Puth, Lauv,...

And recently, it looks like they just added another member to the fandom thanks to Jungkook's performance on his livestream. Specifically, it is a̾m̾e̾r̾i̾c̾an male singer, songwriter and rapper Jake Miller.

This happened when he noticed that Jungkook happily danced to his song “The Girl That’s Underneath” during a recent fan broadcast. His energetic bunny dance moves are contagious, and many fans have expressed joy that he was able to give them this little moment.

The tiny dance quickly went viral, and even the original singer, Jake Miller, caught it. He retweeted the video along with the caption, "Hey, that's my song."

After his first tweet started gaining attention from ARMY. Not only loving the way Jungkook performed his song in front of ARMYs, Jake Miller was so excited that he revealed that he would love to collaborate with Jungkook on one of his songs right away. .

However, despite wanting to work with Jungkook, Jake doesn't seem to know how to contact him while only knowing BTS's Twitter tag managed by the company on his Tweet line.

He wrote on Twitter that: "I want to get Jungkook from BTS to feature on one of my new songs but I don’t know how to reach out to him == @bts_bighít"

Understanding that Jake wanted to collaborate with Jungkook from his favorite but had no way to contact the company, fans began tweeting and tagging HYBE, вιg нιт Music in hopes of the two artists. soon find a way to contact. ARMYs also noticed that since Jungkook deleted his personal Instagram account, it was even more difficult for Jake to find a way to contact him directly.

While fans don't want to miss the exciting collaboration between the two, ARMYs are tweeting in the hopes that Jungkook or any member of BTS or вιg нιт Music will notice this:

- The most realistic and quick way is to ask Charlie Puth for Jungkook's contact information. Indeed

- Omg Jake yess we need this to happen immediately

- Thru Hybe a̾m̾e̾r̾i̾c̾a, I guess.  So looking forward!!! @scooterbraun @bts_bighít @BTS_twt


- This is such a pity… He wants to contact Jungkook and wants to sing together but he can’t. HYBE, are you watching?

- Aww really great news to ARMY, We really want you to do this Collab with our Bunny #JK,It will be great, surely If JK knew he Will accept to do Collab with you ,, almost he enjoyed your song on his Weverse live,,send request to big hít entertainment by email


Plus, Jake Miller was so proud of the moment. He retweeted the video itself and also retweeted a few ARMYs talking about the moment.

This is not the first time Jake Miller has known Jungkook or BTS. He also received a lot of love from ARMYs in the past for showing support for BTS many years ago. Back in 2017, he expressed his positive view of BTS' immense fame and popularity with a tweet.

Looking forward to one day both artists will have the opportunity to collaborate!