Actor Vin Diesel Goes Viral For Promoting Jimin’s New Song In An Unexpected Way

Well, maybe these past few days, there's been a lot of surprising and remarkable news for ARMYs. Especially among them was when Jimin appeared as one of the lead singers of the Fast & Furious soundtrack.

This is not only good news for fans, but it also seems to make everyone excited and looking forward to this blockbuster soundtrack. Even actor Vin Desel, the main actor of the film and the one who heard the song, couldn't contain his excitement.

Recently, during a press conference, the actor made ARMYs all over the world laugh with his sense of humor as well as the υиєχρє¢тє∂ way he promoted Jimin and Fast & Furious's new theme song:

Surely ARMYs still remember the surprise on the evening of May 9 that вιg нιт Music gave us when it was announced that Jimin will be collaborating with äṃệŕïċän rappers and singers Kodak Black, NLE Choppa, JVKE, Muni Long on the show. The soundtrack of the new movie "Fast X" of the Fast & Furious series. The song "Angel Pt.1" with a 1-minute music video trailer has been released in advance, and the full MV will be officially released on May 18.

In the excerpt, Jimin is shown singing entirely in English with captivating pronunciation and emotional vocals. Angel Pt.1 is the third single from the "Fast X" soundtrack to be released. Before that were two songs "Let's Ride" performed by YG, Ty Dolla $ign, Lambo4oe (released in February), and "Won't Back Down" released last week with the collaboration of YoungBoy NBA, Bailey Zimmerman , Dermot Kennedy.

It can be said that performing the Fast & Furious soundtrack has long been a dream of Jimin as he has been a huge fan of the series for many years. During a previous live broadcast, Jimin once told ARMY that he had watched all the movies released up to that point. Surely by the time he became a singer of Fast & Furious, Jimin must have been very happy and fulfilled his dream.

Meanwhile, not only Jimin is excited about Fast X's soundtrack, but even the cast of the movie seems to be excited about it. Recently, when Fast X had its red carpet premiere on May 12 at the Colosseum in Rome, ïẗäŀÿ, lead actor Vin Diesel took the lead in showing support for Jimin and Angel pt.1.

The actor, who plays Dominic Toretto, stunned everyone by appearing with a Bluetooth speaker on the red carpet. When Diesel was asked, “What is your character’s theme song?”, he responded jovially and gratified when his speaker finally came to life.

He asked if he could play one of the songs on the soundtrack. Who can say “no?” to this man? So, he began playing “Angel Pt. 1” with a huge grin.

He added: "I shouldn’t even be playing this. I’m going to get in trouble. Can I play one of the songs from the soundtrack?"

The clip capturing that interesting moment quickly went viral on social media. Many people were surprised by his actions, but it's also trademark to him!

ARMYs especially have circulated the videos on Twitter and TikTok. We could all relate to him promoting the new song featuring Jimin! Many are calling him “so real” for it. If he wasn’t ARMY already, he sure is now:

- vin ∂ιєsel bringing his own speaker to the red carpet to promote angel pt 1 he’s so real

- like he said family comes first

- Ok brother in borahae we see u

- One of my fave Hollywood actors. And my fave movie series (Fast and Furious) I've been watching this since the beginning (2001) 22 years later. My fave group BTS, Jimin, is part of it. I'm so excited and ecstatic.


- Is he trying to be the new bora mascot?

- Vin Diesel choosing Angel pt 1 as Dominic Toretto's theme song is indeed a big deal!

- The tiktok got cut off at jimin's part i sad

- I knew he was Purple ̾b̾l̾o̾o̾d ̾ed

Vin Diesel has always been so great at promoting his films! He always dresses up inspired by his character Groot for Guardians of the Galaxy film premieres not long ago.

Finally, Fast X - the latest movie of the hít racing franchise Fast & Furious - will be released on May 19, with the participation of cult stars like Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Jason Momoa, Jordana Brewster, Nathalie Emmanuel… Notably, Jason Momoa will be joining "Fast & Furious" for the first time with a villain role that promises many surprises.

Let's watch the movie and enjoy its music!