V To Release His First K-drama On Netflix As An Actor This July

With the anticipation of actor Kim Taehyung, this July, ARMYs will be able to meet his debut role once again. The latest news about V's acting along with the release of Wooga Squad's In The Soop is expected to make the name of this group of friends more explosive than ever.

Recently, the media reported that V will debut on Netflix with his first drama called Hwarang. This is a TV work in which V has joined the cast since 2016 of KBS.

However, this July, Netflix will stream the series worldwide and all ARMYs can relive his first work. V's K-drama debut earned him a lot of praise and attracted attention for his acting talents.

Hwarang is a drama about the lives of a group of warriors known as the "Flower Knights", who lived in the fictional kingdom of Silla 1,500 years ago. They are governed by values ​​such as love and passion. V was one of the warriors of this group, who fought alongside his companions.

The film has made many directors aspire to have V appear in their films. At the same time, the drama is also the first place to connect friends in the close friends of V - Wooga Squad.

Coincidentally, in the near future, Disney and HYBE will publish In the Soop: Friendcation by Wooga Squad. The episodes will return to the vacation trips of this interesting group of friends.

The return of V and Wooga Squad makes ARMYs look forward to more than ever. After a long time, we can relive the role of V during this summer vacation and see the friendship footage of Wooga Squad.