V Shows His Emotion When Thinking About ARMYs Leaving Him In The Future

Perhaps the bond between fans and idols is the one that can be both the strongest but also the easiest to break. It's not like the bond between family or love and it's also hard to explain what it feels like to fall in love with a certain star.

But one thing is for sure, idols, including BTS, have a fear that one day, there will be no fans left with them. V once expressed his feelings and thoughts when asked how it would affect him.

V's answer made fans ponder and they even burst into tears when αsserting that they will never leave this fandom forever:

I think, out of all relationships, the idol-fan relationship is the most magical. It is a distant yet intimate relationship that is romantic and powerful for reason and emotion.

But of course, it's also easy to have a relationship that's left unfinished because of a misunderstanding, a scandal, or some emotional shake-up. Therefore, it is not certain that a fan can pursue an idol or a group forever. At times, they may leave or even, more negatively, betray.

Even a big fandom like ARMY with millions of fans all over the world, every day, fans come and go, no longer supporting the group. BTS members all understand this natural law and of course, they can't help but respect the decisions of the fans and cherish the moment with the fans in the present.

But really, in their hearts, there is always a great fear that fans will no longer love them one day. In particular, during the group's first live concert performance after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, V once gave a hєαrtвrєαkíng speech when he wondered before the concert if any ARMYs would come. see if they sing and dance.

Later, in an interview with Vogue ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾a, V and the interviewer delved into this topic and the relationship between fans and idols. When the interviewer asked V, "You mentioned somewhere that you were afraid and unsure that the fans would not love you any more if you stayed out of their sight for long. Do you still have that fear?", he seemed to have a steady stream of his thoughts.

Because of being able to come back and interact directly with fans in many concerts and actual events, V has witnessed the pαssionate love and support of the fans. This makes him feel more secure and doesn't seem to wonder if there are any ARMYs left in the fandom.

But of course, he still has unspeakable feelings of anxiety: “I feel good lately because I’m back on track to meet our fans, with concerts and all that. Otherwise, it would have been difficult for me". He then became a bit more vulnerable.

With that, if faced with the fact that he is unable to meet fans due to objective and subjective limitations, he will be really disappointed. V revealed, “Sometimes I feel as though I don’t meet the fans as much as I want to, considering certain limits like physical strength, etc.”

So, out of fear that ARMYs would no longer support BTS, V decided that he would give his all every time he got the chance to stand in front of his fans. V concluded, “I try my best to show the most of myself whenever I get a chance to meet our fans”.

Although V's fear of ARMYs leaving the fandom one day is great, it's thanks to the fans' support every day that he relieves that pressure. This also motivates him to want to do more to show his love to the fans who have proven the strong bond between them.

No matter how much time pαsses, fans will always love him. There are many ARMYs who have left a promise that they will never leave:

- This Army isn’t going anywhere. I been in the fandom since debut. I will travel and have traveled to see BTS in concert. I love him and the guys.

- Army not going to leave u..we grow old together

- Just stay positive we will be here for you guys no matter what happen you can count on me . BTS forever loved by the army of n the whole wide world

- Whatever happen don’t be scared baby we’re still here for you and for the rest of the BTS member!!! APOBANGPO “ARMY FOREVER"

- We will wait until you are back on that stage where you and your brothers belong!!!… love u forever BTS

- Army isn’t going anywhere!!!! We will never leave the magic shop !

- when cσvíde 19 was here for 2 years you all made ways to be with your Army and even on your Break we were still with you even with our next adventure nothing will change because we are family, yes maybe we can't see each for a short while, we are going to be right here waiting for all to come back and then our new chapter will begin because when you are family there's never an end, We are forever.

- Never ..army forever and my v forever in our heart remember that