V Made His Choice Of The Cutest Member In BTS

For ARMYs, all BTS members are almost 30 years old and some have turned 30, but they still have moments of being cute like babies. So all the members are loved by ARMYs because they are equally cute and in so many different ways.

But for the question of who is the cutest member in BTS, although it is difficult to choose, V once made his choice. And surprisingly, the other members of the group also agreed quickly. with the opinion of V.

For everyone, if you have to choose, which member is the cutest in BTS? Take a look at V's comments and see if we match.

Some stereotypes say that in Kpop groups, usually the youngest is still considered the cutest and youngest. But there are also many exceptions when the cutest, most childish member of the group is not the official maknae. And it seems that BTS is one of such special cases.

Jungkook was the maknae of the group but he soon had the appearance of a mature and strong young man. Especially since his adult years, around 18-19 years old, Jungkook started to show more of his strength and masculine charm on stage and in many cases.

But of course, there's no denying that there are stage moments and everyday moments where Jungkook shows off his adorable baby side. However, for V, Jungkook is not the first choice for the cutest member in BTS.

Instead, in the interview, when asked which member is "The Best Cute Guy" in BTS, V quickly chose Jimin for this title. This means that V recognizes Jimin as the most adorable, aegyo and baby-like member of the group.

And their answer surprised many viewers because many were convinced that the selected member would be Jungkook, the official maknae of BTS. However, in reality, Jimin won overwhelmingly when even RM, Jungkook and j-hope acknowledged this. Later, Jimin also admitted that he also thinks he is cute.

Fans also pointed out that there are many times when BTS members acknowledge the cuteness of Jimin's natural actions. RM once talked about how Jimin really is a fairy with his lovely voice and actions that yield to the other members when they play games together.

In it, j-hope always feels excited whenever he sees a smile or Jimin himself with baby cheeks. Jimin also has the nickname Mochi, referring to his cuteness like a soft, wḧïẗe, round mochi.

But most of all, the members also acknowledge that Jimin has a warm, pure heart and always loves others. He also likes to be around the other members and it makes him a healer for the other members.

That's what any ARMYs have to admit:


- jimin is so cute

- cutie patootie

- He looks so cute omg and so small

- I'll protect him in my pocket :(

- Jimin is so adorable


- jimin is so cute when he’s on focus mode

- this ḧïẗs different when u remember yoongi described jimin as small and cute