The Visual Of Translator Nicole Kim Who Accompanied BTS For More Than 4 Years Makes ARMY's Heart Drop

Nicole Kim is probably one of the familiar names with ARMYs in recent times. She appeared with BTS in all foreign schedules and is also known for her powerful position at HYBE.

Despite this, Nicole rarely shows her face on most schedules and many ARMYs are curious about her visuals because she looks so pretty under the mask. ARMYs can finally see Nicole Kim's beauty today when she appeared with V at CELINE's event.

Nicole Kim started her career at Big Hit Music in 2017. Currently, Nicole Kim is the leader of HYBE A&R because, in an interview with Weverse, her position was described as so. But she is familiar with ARMY as the main interpreter of BTS for more than 4 years.

She is often responsible for finding artists to collaborate with BTS, recording sessions, and connecting directly with other artists and record producers.

For example, Nicole is known to have invited Megan Thee Stallion on behalf of HYBE and BTS for a Butter Remix collaboration. In the letter that Megan revealed a Big Hit Music's email showing this.


Recently, she went with V to Paris to attend CELINE's event. She followed V closely during the event to help him communicate with other celebrities.

Nicole wore a simple black outfit, long blonde hair and her composure made Nicole's aura look very professional. She is also praised by ARMYs for possessing a gentle and mature beauty.

Before seeing Nicole's beauty up close, we saw her figure when Jungkook collaborated with Charlie Puth on a year-end stage. When Jungkook chatted with Charlie Puth, Nicole translated the dialogue for him. Even helped Jungkook practice some English sentences.

Because of her good personality and tact, Nicole always helps BTS members communicate with foreign artists when RM or other interpreters are not there.

Max - the artist who has collaborated with BTS also once praised Nicole's translation skills and said that she wass a great person to help BTS and the artists talk comfortably and positively.


Nicole has been known and noticed more by ARMYs since BTS's 4-day PTD concert at SoFi Stadium. She appeared with j-hope, V, Jimin and Jungkook when they attended Harry's concert.

Nicole Kim was also caught in the same frame as Halsey when Halsey attended BTS' concert. She and Halsey danced to the tune of Dynamite.

Nicole Kim makes many ARMYs admire her talent and profession. She really is an extremely attractive girl!