The Reason Why BTS's 8-Year Manager Sejin Has Quit His Job With The Group

Behind the success of BTS are the hard work and support of many people. Including their artist manager - who always stands by the group.

One of the most loved artist managers in the ARMY community is Sejin. After a long time, Sejin did not appear with BTS, many ARMYs expressed their curiosity as to what he was doing.

The information below is the answer! Let's scroll it:

Becoming the manager of a global star like BTS is probably the dream of many people. But along with that, there are many other difficulties and hardships that only insiders can understand.

Moreover, the way the management takes care of and treats BTS is also what makes ARMYs worry and pay attention.

Since BTS's debut until now, there is a manager who always accompanies them, taking care of and protecting the members little by little. He does so well that ARMYs always feel grateful and respect for him. It was Sejin - the most famous manager in the ARMY community for a while.

Early followers of BTS will no longer be unfamiliar with Sejin's face. Whether at the airport, concert, or outdoor schedule, fans can easily see manager Sejin with the members.

Sejin is often spotted appearing with BTS members whether in the group's schedule or everyday life. His great body makes even members like Jin or RM look small.

Before their debut, Sejin had been responsible for arranging schedules, managing time, taking care of the members' lives, and protecting the members when going out. His relationship with BTS for 8 years made him and BTS form a close relationship.

Sejin manager

When BTS was still living in a small dorm, he was the one who shared their first debut anniversary meal with them. He was also the one grilling them on the TV show during their debut years.

We often encounter moments when Sejin shows a very special affection for BTS. One of them was when Sejin sent a letter of encouragement and love to BTS in 2016.

Another great moment for BTS and Sejin to mention is when BTS made a miracle at the Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs) 2019. The moment BTS won the "Top Group" award, a post about the moment "before-after" between BTS and manager Se Jin became popular on Twitter.



Many ARMYs have said that Se Jin must be very proud of his brothers when witnessing the arduous journey the group has gone through. At that time, he was very happy to see BTS being named at an international awards ceremony.

But for the past few years, it's been difficult for ARMYs to find pictures of Sejin accompanying BTS on schedules. Some people are even curious about this but the information about him that can be found is very rare.

Specifically, Sejin was promoted to Artist Protocol Team Leader not long ago. He is currently the main manager of ENHYPEN - the new group of HYBE.

If you pay close attention to ENHYPEN's recent schedules, we see the familiar artist manager Sejin again. Some fans are even excited to see a video of him after a long absence.

Manager Sejin works tirelessly to keep BTS's extremely busy life going smoothly before. And perhaps with his heart and professionalism, he will take care of ENHYPEN's job well.

And certainly, no matter what position he is in, he still has a lot of love and support for BTS. He will also silently watch the boys grow up!