Tattoo Artist Reveals The Member Who “Finally” Moved Their Friendship Tattoo Plans Forward

Since about a year ago, BTS has started to reveal their friendship tattoos and it has excited fans all over the world. Friendship tattoos have special meaning for all members to celebrate their deep bond over the past 1 decade.

Besides, there are also many interesting stories behind friendship tattoos, about what it means, about why it is done and even who initiated it. All of them were recently revealed by tattoo artist Polyc when he had an exclusive interview with ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾a Now.

In his interview, Polyc revealed to fans who made the rest of the BTS members start working on this plan:

On the occasion of BTS's debut anniversary last year, the BTS members announced that the group has a friendship tattoo - the number 7 - representing the iconic number of the group. In which, 6/7 members revealed the number 7 tattoo in different locations on the body, except for SUGA.

Since then, tattoo details have always been in the spotlight and even BTS friendship tattoo artist Polyc has become known for his stories of working with BTS and close-ups. scenes of tattoos (Permission granted by members). Polyc also once pointed out the meaning behind the friendship tattoo design. 7 different tattoos combine to form one word - BTS.

However, there is a story that Polyc has only officially shared until now in an exclusive interview with ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾a Now, which is about who introduced him to the other members to have the experience of doing 7 tattoos for him. 7 members. In it, he also pointed out the member who played a decisive role in making the rest of them start doing their tattoos for the first time.

Polyc shared that his first encounter with BTS was through maknae Jungkook - a customer who had visited his shop before for advice on arm tattoos. Polyc was “very honored” before Jungkook’s visit and “swore to do my best” in working with the world superstar.

The two then worked together on Jungkook's existing tattoos on his right hand. Along with the long time that Jungkook did the big tattoo drawing on his arm during that time, the topic of friendship tattoo continued mentioning by him many times.

Polyc went on to reveal: "Jungkook’s existing tattoo took around 5 months to finish but as we were talking, he kept bringing up friendship tattoos."

It seems that the BTS members started the idea of owning tattoos a long time ago and even V even joked with ARMYs that the group would get a friendship tattoo last year. But in the end, it takes this member's encouragement to start implementing the idea in reality. And that's Jimin!

Polyc revealed that it was Jimin who decided it was time for the group to get a friendship tattoo and that this member's decision was the driving force behind the group moving forward. He said: "They seemed to have talked about getting them for several years, and finally, Jimin said ‘let’s do it’ and they all decided to get tattoos."

While Jimin was the initiator of the tattoo, it was Jungkook who introduced the members to Polyc so they could start working on the plan. Polyc then brainstormed and came up with design ideas for the number 7 tattoo and its alignment while the members chose where they would tattoo.

In the end, both the tattoo artist and BTS finished their work perfectly. What's special is that most of the members have never had a tattoo, but they made this bold decision to celebrate more than a decade of friendship and their long career!