South Korea Government Announced Top 15 K-Pop Artists Around The World

We can not deny the strong wave of Hallyu wave around the world. Therefore, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has
conducted a new survey recently to asset which K-pop artists the public considers the most famous in the world. Finally, the Korean government listed the 15 most prominent names after the survey.

Recently, the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism released the results of their latest survey of the most popular K-Pop artists in the world. The survey included K-pop artist names so far and had the participation of 4,679 people from 18 countries. The survey is completely government run and some of the shortlisted names may surprise you. The list will include K-pop groups and outstanding individuals.

15. Park Jimin

Jimin is one of the most prominent Kpop artists with a large number of fans. Jimin also ranked at the top for several weeks on the individual brand value rankings, proving his unlimited charisma.

14. Kim Taehyung

Just like Jimin, with the rise of BTS, V also took over the world because of his handsomeness, personality, and talent. Every time he appears at events, fans and netizens go crazy for his surreal handsomeness.

13. Super Junior

As one of the most prominent 2nd gen groups in Kpop, it is not difficult to see Super Junior's name in this ranking.

12. GOT7

GOT7 ranked 12nd place in this chart proved their high reputation althought they were not active as a group but focus on individuals' activities. 

11. Jeon Jungkook 

BTS's Golden Maknae couldn't be left out of this list because of his tremendous popularity. Jungkook shows his gloabal sensation when constantly hitting the top trend every time he appears. He is also able to make the items he uses sell out all over the world. And so, Jungkook is at number 11, surpassing the names of many other groups.

10. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

GD ranked at 10th place with his great reputation in group's activity and in individual's life. 

09. Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

Referring to Kpop, we must mention the legendary girl group SNSD with hits loved by the public all over the world.


Although Big Bang is no longer active with a full lineup, over the years, each member has made a unique mark. In particular, the return of "Still Life" has shown how powerful Big Bang's influence is.

07. EXO

Although over the years, the group has not had outstanding activities, but most of the members have their own activities, helping the group maintain its reputation.


TWICE is known as the hardest working group in KPop when in 2011 alone, they released 6 songs. Hard work and catchy songs have always helped TWICE maintain their charm.

05. PSY

Although PSY has not had many hot songs since "New Face", "Gentleman", but he is still a highly appreciated face after being famous around the world with the billion-view song. PSY is also said to be one of the successful artists when it comes to the fastidious US market.

04. BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Lisa is the only member of BlackPink on the list that is not in the same group. Her individual activities have caused a global "fever".

03. IU

IU is one of the most successful solo artists in Kpop today. Although IU has always focused mainly on the Korean market, it is undeniable that the charm of the 12-year-old singer is brilliant throughout Asia.


The attraction of BLACKPINK in the world market cannot be denied when all 4 girls are the representative faces of 4 top luxury brands in the world. Not only that, their music products also resonate well around the world. Their first concert in North America in 2019 was so successful that it "sold out".

01. BTS

It's not surprising that BTS tops the list. The reputation of the house group HYBE is not only limited to Korea or Asia but is recognized worldwide, especially in a difficult market like the US. BTS is also the group that received The Order of Cultural Merit for their outstanding contributions to Korean culture and economy.

To see more detail, look at the chart below: