Revealing The Identity Of The Girl Who Is Said To Be Female Idol Visiting Jin In The Camp Recently

It seems that because BTS has turned 30 and they have also been active in the entertainment industry for more than 10 years, rumors about dating or special relationships with the girls have also started to appear more. It even appeared for Jin – who is enlisting in the army.

A few hours ago, a sudden news appeared on social networks about Jin being visited by a female idol while he was on duty in the army. This has led netizens and news sites to start spreading rumors, even concluding that they are dating even though there is no clear evidence.

Then, according to a source from ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾an media, they corrected the identity of the girl who is said to be a female idol who visited Jin in the army to dispel rumors for him. Here's the full story that's happened over the past few hours on ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾an online forums:

Anyone know that Jin is currently serving as an active-duty solďïệr at the Yeoncheon Training Center. He was appointed as a teaching äṩṩistant of the school after finishing more than 1 month of training here due to his excellent performance as well as päṩṩing the tests.

Jin seems to have adapted well to his military life and he is doing just as well with his duties as a solďïệr like everyone else. Of course, there is no preference here and even Jin has to try and put in a hundred times more effort because every day so many people look at his attitude and behavior.

It seems that living in the military will help Jin avoid false rumors in the showbiz world, but in fact, he is still hot a name. In the last few hours, a rumor that a solďïệr saw Jin and a girl believed to be a female K-pop idol meeting in the camp began on ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾an community forums. The rumor garnered hundreds of views and thousands of comments within an hour of being posted by an anonymous user.

This post is said to have received information from someone who is enlisting with Jin saying that Jin was recently visited by a female idol and they sat down to talk for a few hours. But this post doesn't even stop there, the writer also emphasizes that she went to see Jin right after he was allowed to visit by relatives and family, that also means a few weeks ago.

As soon as this rumor reached many ARMYs, they quickly began to expose the fact that the anonymous user seemed to be only deliberately smearing Jin when he could not provide any real evidence. But contrary to the reaction of ARMYs, some netizens thought that solďïệrs in the army couldn't take pictures so they could only report what they saw. And so the arguments started happening.

But only later, a newspaper revealed information extracted from a military officer that the above rumor was untrue. Jin hasn't met any idols or girls lately. Jin's superior also said that it's no secret that a ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾an serving in the military receives visits from their relatives or friends on exact dates, including Jin.

At the same time, this newspaper also revealed that the person who talked to Jin was just a female staff member related to the K-pop world and she was in charge of music programs held in military camps. In the near future, the Yeoncheon training center seems to have a visit from a girl group and a music program is being arranged to surprise the solďïệrs, so it can be understood that Jin - a famous idol is meet to discuss some related issues.

After the answer was given, many netizens expressed their dissatisfaction when the poster did not find out the truth and intended to affect Jin's reputation:

- "? lol. Leave BTS alone and live your life," 

- "This is just a commotion created by akgaes,"

- "They attack Jin even when he is in the army"

- "Hope this person goes to jail for spreading false information."

- "Sometimes I wonder what it is like for the BTS members to live in this oxymoronic world where everyone seems so THIRSTY to catch them dating while at the same time HATING the thought of them dating. Like, damned if you do damned if you don't ?"

- "I'm really Happy Fans are Standing up For these Guys. This shit needs to stop. Leave them alone. Its very unlikely they would put their reputation on the line. Give it up and get a Life..."

- "Its sad that no matter what female they are with people will view it as they are dating"