Proofs That V And Jennie Are Truly Dating In France After Many Controversies

On May 17 (KST), a video that went viral at fast speed captured a man and a woman believed to be Jennie and V walking down the streets of fяαи¢є. After that, controversies and chaos on social networks took place when people doubted the authenticity of these photos.

This has also been the case with previous photos of V and Jennie since their dating rumors broke out in May last year. Therefore, until now, there has not been any real evidence to indicate whether the people in the uploaded photos are really V and Jennie or just the edited photos.

However, some additional photos later released by a few fans indicated that V and Jennie were exactly the two characters in the video that went viral last night. This time, the photos showing the close-ups of not only the two idols but also their managers and matching outfit details, completely confirm the fact of dating:

V and Jennie are 2 of the most famous Kpop idols today. The power of their popularity is even global and therefore any news regarding the two quickly attracts the attention of the media and fans, especially after both The two are rumored to be dating since May 2022.

Most recently, a few days ago, dating rumors continued to be rumored after a leaked photo showed V stroking Jennie's hair by the window of a restaurant in fяαи¢є. But it was later confirmed that it was just a photo of a couple online in chínα, quickly ending the dating rumors even though the two were actually in fяαи¢є for personal work.

It is known that V departed for fяαи¢є from the 15th of this month at the invitation of CELINE to attend CELINE's event as a global ambαssador as well as completing its photo shoot with a new product. Meanwhile, Jennie was revealed to be coming to take pictures for Chanel's new campaign as well as attend the 76th Cannes International Film Festival.

But not stopping there, after only a few days of fake rumors, people caught Jennie and V in real life, walking together on the streets of fяαи¢є without any concealment. Even this time, it's a story with actual witnesses.

Specifically, dating rumors continued to spread when V and Jennie were seen walking hand-in-hand near the Seine after having dinner at a luxury restaurant in Paris. The photographer - Amar Taoualit who recorded the romantic moment of V and Jennie also confirmed that the two in the video are the two hottest idols. 

In the published video, the two walk hand in hand on the street without paying attention to their surroundings, enjoying their time in the city of love. V and Jennie wore fairly simple outfits that clearly showed their unmistakable vibe. Even when V and Jennie wear hats, their faces are not obscured and their facial features are still visible.

However, many fans are still arguing with each other whether the two characters in it are real or not because the images in the video are quite blurry, which can cause confusion. Meanwhile, many people think that it's the type of hat that V and Jennie usually wear and if they have clear pictures, others can't argue that it's not V and Jennie.

That's why, shortly after, some local fans came up with additional photos to attest that it was indeed none other than V and Jennie. These people shared some photos of V and Jennie's outfits and faces when they were with their manager. Additional images of both idols, even their managers, match each hat and shirt perfectly.



This makes it difficult for netizens to continue to deny, instead, to fully acknowledge that the two are actually dating in secret:

- I say good for him and her! If it’s true and they are happy then that’s all that really matters at the end of the day ???

- I’m so emotional. if it’s true I’ll be so happy because finally they can do what they want they deserve to have their own lives. They suffered enough. So please don’t be toxic 

- I jus feel like all our boys are dating we dont know their personal life...they jus show jus few things and we feel like we own them and we know everything in and out...but they are artists we are fans...of them,their work,as a human...I'm jus happy that it's out now..

- I can’t help but be happy for them two they deserve all the love also glad this comment section is positive

- it is real then I’m gonna support him if he’s happy I am too

- I say if they’re happy then we should be too, I never believed this rumor but if this is really true then it would’ve been better if they confirmed it themselves rather than people following them around and ignoring their privacy. I hope they leave them alone.

- Ngl I was in shσck for a few hours but I got over it because at the end if the day I know my boundaries as a fan. I'm honestly really glad that he's happy and I hope that the toxicity and hate would not affect their relationship, like how it did with other celebs.

- Omg it's actually them I'm genuinely shσcked they would just wander around like that in front of everyone, but I'm happy for them ig

- I hope they are happy and i wish people leave them alone and let them have some space

The dating rumors between Jennie and V have been continuously circulating since May last year. The photos were posted along with eyewitness accounts of Jennie and V enjoying a date in Jeju Island, and even then, couple photos of the two's daily lives were revealed. spread on social networking sites.

However, at the time of the dating rumors, the management companies of both sides did not confirm anything and neither did the two artists. So the real story of dating quickly dispappeared. Now, it's back again with additional evidence that makes the online community can't stop getting excited!