Netizens Showed Strong Evidence Of j-hope Dating Irene Kim

It seems that netizens are taking things too far from reality. With the recent appearance of j-hope and famous Korean model Irene, rumors and speculations regarding their dating began to erupt.

Netizens wonder what is the relationship between BTS j-hope and model Irene? Some people even expressed their displeasure when Irene revealed that she was too close to the BTS members.

Dating rumors between j-hope and model Irene started circulating on social media after j-hope's performance at Lollapalooza. A netizen came to an online community forum and made a post, titled "What exactly is the relationship between j-hope and Irene?".

Here, netizens wondered what the relationship between model Irene and j-hope was like. This person also mentioned the regular meetings that the two have had together in recent weeks.

Most recently, Irene was spotted at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, while watching j-hope's performance. She stood next to Jimin during the performance and even took a picture with them backstage.

She even posted some words to promote for j-hope's new solo album. She ever wrote with many praises: “He is our HOPE and a world-class human inside & out.”

Further on, she visited Kaws with j-hope and another acquaintance. j-hope himself shared a number of photos taken with Irene and this acquaintance on his personal Instagram, attracting attention.

Notably, Irene was also invited to j-hope's Jack In The Box listening party and before. In 2018, she also shared photos with BTS members after the Love Yourself concert tour held in Seoul.

Last but not least, the netizen even showed some proofs to try to prove that they are really dating because they owns some similar items such as rings, teapot, sandals,...:

The continuous appearance of Irene Kim with j-hope attracted many people's attention and began to raise many questions. Some netizens commented under the post as follows:

- "I think it's because she follows him around too much. She's also a celebrity but why is she like this?"

- "But can she do that, even if she's also a celebrity?"

- "I also don't like that male director acquaintance. He seems to act like he's so close to the [BTS] members."

- "It just looks like she's just showing off that she's friends with BTS."

- "Is she following him around because she's really his girlfriend?"

- "I saw the photo of them arriving at the airport together and it was awesome, lol."

- "I don't think J-Hope would be the type to make it so obvious to bring his girlfriend around like this..."

- "How many dating scandals has BTS become involved in already, within one year???"

- "I actually think they're not dating because they're going around together so obviously."

- "She's probably just showing that she's friends with a world class star."

- "Maybe the model Irene is just a fan of his."

- "Hoseok, nooooo you can't! TTT."