NBA Fans Attack SUGA After Los Angeles Lakers’ Win

SUGA has always been known for his intense love of basketball and he is also recognized by the NBA and famous players. Recently, however, he has faced a major onslaught from NBA fans.

In particular, after the latest match of the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors, SUGA received toxic comments from many basketball fans for odd reasons. Meanwhile, he is currently the ambäṩṩador of the NBA and is just doing his job well.

Here's the dire situation SUGA is facing with several NBA fan groups:

As all know, in April, SUGA was u̾n̾e̾x̾p̾e̾c̾t̾e̾d ̾ly appointed as the newest ambäṩṩador of the NBA. It all stemmed from his great love for basketball and he was caught to watch basketball games in his free time.

SUGA's own stage name is also derived from his position in the sport: "Sh00ting Guard". In its ambäṩṩador statement, NBA Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer Mark Tatum mentioned that: "We’re thrilled to join forces with SUGA – a superstar musician, fashion icon, and päṩṩionate NBA fan. We look forward to working with SUGA to bring the same excitement he engenders from his global fanbase in support of our continued efforts to grow our brand."

Meanwhile, SUGA described the opportunity as a "dream come true". For years, he's been outspoken about his love for the NBA, and before that it's drawn his attention from his favorite basketball player, Damian Lillard, and more.

SUGA mentioned: "Music and basketball have been shared päṩṩions of mine since my youth, and it’s a dream to be named an NBA Ambäṩṩador. I’m excited to formalize my relationship with the NBA, and I can’t wait to share some exciting collaborations I have planned with the league over the coming months."

However, it seems that some NBA fans are tarnishing the image of the league that SUGA is trying to promote by attacking its own ambäṩṩador. The incident was so serious that fans asked the NBA to solve the case to protect SUGA's reputation.

Specifically, in the ongoing knockout round as teams compete for the right to the final round, SUGA has attended a number of matches, the latest being the semi-final between the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors as NBA ambäṩṩadors. He's also doing concerts in LA so it's a good opportunity for him to come witness the game and promote it.

After the Lakers won and were the next team to advance to the finals, as an NBA ambäṩṩador, SUGA made a photo and video posing with the winning team's jersey. But the odd thing is that as soon as the NBA posted the photo, netizens flooded the comments section with mostly negative.

Many offensive and яα¢ιѕт comments appeared below the post. Some deliberately called SUGA a female, while others deliberately downplayed his popularity by asking, "Who?"

Most of the comments criticizing SUGA came from ďïệ-hard NBA fans. They accused SUGA of being a fake fan by supporting other teams, such as the Golden State Warriors and the New York Knicks, while posing with Lakers jerseys:

- witched team real quick

- Wasn’t bro a warriors fan last year?

- This kσrєαn was wearing Warriors jersey just few weeks ago lol

- Who tf is this and how do they contribute to our local economy

- who?

- bandwagon

- get this casual off my screen

- Now he linked up w the lakers?

- bros gonna be w the celtics next

- Bandwagon. Wasn't he a gsw fan?? Lmao

- Is this a girl or wut

- Go away and support another team before you jinx them

- Is that a female or a male

- Asian Michael Jackson weird asf

It's a baseless accusation because SUGA made it as an ambäṩṩador of the NBA and not for any team he favors. It is part of SUGA's mission and promotion for this tournament. It was also done at the request of the NBA organization and not intentionally done by SUGA.

Those who are familiar with SUGA know that he really loves the sport. So no matter which team, he attends NBA games whenever he is in the US and cheers for all teams equally even before being an NBA ambäṩṩador.

In the face of accusations and criticism with яα¢ιѕт and ѕєχist comments aimed at SUGA, fans are asking toxic NBA fans to stop their actions immediately:

- Who: Min Yoongi or aka. SUGA from BTS or Agust D (his rapper alter ego). What: NBA National Basketball Association. Why: SUGA is the ambäṩṩador and has millions of fans behind him. Not just as soloist but also in his group BTS 

- Not even a Bts fan but I don’t understand why y’all hating so much for

- why are y’all only pressed about this guy showing up i don’t see y’all hating on other celebs.. and the “Who” comments LOL his name is literally in the caption look up if you’re curious

- If you don't like the post, simply, don't like or comment and don't get relevance to a post that you hated that much. If the NBA or the team don't ask your opinion for posting it, when why you should take time to interact with it? I just don't get it why people don't live their lives and let the others live their lives as well. Hate somєthing that some people love it don't make you more interesting, just make you an hater and a loser as well. So, just comment in the post that you like to see and let the others than like seeing this guy who is a true supporter of this sport spread their love and proud their feelings for him.

- Why is everyone clowning him? He’s the NBA ambäṩṩador for south korea and he goes to a lot of games. I don’t see people clowning other celebs.

- or those who are asking who he is, here goes: he has been nominated multiple times for the Grammy, had more than one song at number one on the Billboard HOT 100, spoke at the UN more than once, was a special guest of the president at the Wḧïẗe House. .. need I say more or are you the ones who are misinformed? (actually, you guys are just xen0phobic)

- The amount of ŕäċïṩṃ and xen0phobia in this comment section is disgusting.

- Comments don’t realize that there is a world outside the U.S

What's special is that in this incident, SUGA is not the only K-Pop idol to be attacked online by NBA fans. SUGA's group, TXT, has also received dozens of similar hate comments after the NBA posted a photo of the members wearing Lakers jerseys.

This action of some NBA fans only further worsens the image of their community!